The Armed But Aimless Boko Haram

By Fatima Kambar Adam and Titi Wanori

The continuous attack by the Boko Haram insurgents on the people exhibited every reason for one to deduce that they are “armed but aimless”. They are Lilliputians engulfed by few unpatriotic who unleash terror by nefarious acts. Their extort operations have set up nothing but endemic loss, killings and destructions that are causing setback to the land, disturbing the innocent lives.

Boko Haram is bizarre, they are “nowhere and somewhere” but they create panic and cause trauma to the wellbeing of our territorial integration.

Their base in the Lake-Chad basin have resulted in numerous contestation over and about economic and political interest albeit, they have unidentified sponsors and invisible leaders; their so-called "claim"is standing for “Islam” yet they kill Muslims and burn mosques! They stand against western education yet they use technologies discovered by the western world which is discovered as a result of western education! They preach injustice yet kill many! Can you refer to this act of killing humans for no reason as just senseless?

They were called for a compromise but they refused to show up! They advocate humanness but they abduct and rape women and young girls causing them untold pains and hardships. They force and use young and innocent minds to unleash their acts against their will!

They like Nigeria but abduct Nigerians! But I have a question here to ask, How can you claim to love someone and yet put him or her through untold and unbearable pains?

They emerged as dilemma and put us in dilemma that only by nature, we neither tell about their end nor can we trace their origins and sponsors.

Nonetheless, it is of global recognition that “rebels” are armed but remain anonymous about their mission and sponsors.

Their fallacies have posed huge threats within and across our territory with hundreds of thousands of people displaced from their predominant communities, engendered dread to the innocent and caused colossal havoc to the existing political and economic systems. Boko Haram is a mindless group, ruthless to humans and our dear nation, Nigeria.

They have no regard and respect for the interest of the citizens neither do they for the land. Their devilish acts has partly emasculated our robust economy and arguably their existence with unknown sponsors and hidden leaders remain a threat to the stands of the global integrations and security.

In the history of Nigeria, starting with the civil war,the Jos plateau crisis,the fulani herdsmen , i have never seen any group fighting without a cause or aim if not the Boko Haram. They arm themselves with weapons and unleash or inflict untold hardship on people thus rendering most Nigerians into refugees in their own land. Most citizens in the north east have fled to neighbouring countries of Chad,Cameroon and Niger as refugees.

As the old saying goes"the end shall tell"... Till we can go to our places of worship without having the thoughts of "when will they strike?",till we can see that the internally displaced persons are moved to their communities and we can sleep with our two eyes closed, till we can carry out our daily activities to markets and visit our loved ones without the fear of a suicide attack,till we can learn in our classrooms without run from one place to the other after hearing the sound of a gun or an explosion.... Then we can say we are safe.

My question is how can someone or some people wake up one morning and decide to unleash their devilish acts on people with support from wherever with any cause?

fatima Kambar Adam and Titi Wanori is are 300 level students of the department of mass communication University of Maiduguri