Living with Abuse

By Melanie Miller
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Living with an abusive individual is no picnick. You do not have to put yourself in this situation and your body is a temple. If you know of someone or you yourself are being abused, seek shelter elsewhere or go to a place that takes in abused people. If you have small children, you do not want them to see the abuse, whether it is verbal, mental abuse or physical abuse.

I would never live this way again. Abuse is wrong, and even the bible speaks against woman being abused, how wrong it is for a man to lay a finger on a woman, in anger, is what the scriptures is trying to say.

You are not a doormat and you do not need walked on, all over, every day or night. There are men being abused too, and I say, seek counceling or have your mate that maybe abusing you and have the individual to go with you, and talk over your or their problems as physical fighting, is not the answer and will never solve anything. It never did and it never will.

So if you are being abused, ask yourself if you really want to stay with someone that is harming your body or your children even and they see this and find it scary or acceptable later in life and abuse their husband or wife. You do not want children witnessing abuse.

As an abused individual myself, in the past, I always thought it was my fault. The ex husband drank a lot, and this can cause a man to abuse a woman as well. Drinking alcohol and abuse go hand in hand sometimes. I have helped women get out of relationships that wore in these kind of abusive relationships and one woman, would not take heed to my word, that if she did not get away from this abusive person, that she would lose her children and so a few months later, her children wore put in foster care and she has not seen them to this very day. They will not allow her to see her own kids even! Think about all I am saying here. Do you want to put your children through all of this non sense and make them or allow them to see abuse. No, sure you do not. So..if you're being abused, please get out whilst you can, don't put yourself through this another day. Your body is special. God does not want you to be living in a situation like this. The man or woman, needs counceling, pure and simple, and if you want to tough it out and go seek a therapist with your mate, or boyfriend or spouse then by all means, please do so. Don't live in pure fear of another individual either. She or he, has problems and you may not be able to solve them and let me tell you, anyone making excuses for people that are abusive, may turn out to be abusive people as well, as there is no excuse for a man or a woman for this matter, to abuse another.

I hope you people that are being abused or know of someone being abused or living in an abusive relationship, take heed to my words, but if you feel you are the one at fault, talk to someone about it. Do you make your spouse angry by saying foul words, do you try to first hit your mate, and then he or she hits you back? Either way, there is no excuse for take my word and seek couceling. Try to live a productive and healthy life and life is better, much more better when you are not abused. How can you live this way, why would you want to put yourself through this even one more single day and if you have a friend or family member being abused, then talk to him or her and ask them why they want to live like this? I am sure they do not enjoy being abused physcially or verbally, as words can hurt. Even though, "Sticks and Stones, may break my bones but words will never harm me." is not always true, as words can hurt when spoken in a cruel and foul way. You can seek the help you need and people will help you if you're living in an abusive relationship, but you must make this effort to first help yourself and get out while you can. Do yourself this favor, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are 'special' and also you need to talk to someone about any worries or woes you maybe facing and do talk to a, preacher or priest or doctor even, if you are living with abuse. Don't sit idly by and allow this to happen to you anymore and tell a friend to not live like this, if it is the friend or family member being abused. Explain to this individual that they are special and that abuse is not a form of love, it is rather a form of hate. Well...I hope my article was of help to someone, and many other individuals, and if you read this, you may wish to share it with a friend, tell them how you care about them, if they need a shoulder to lean on, give them yours, cause one day, you may need their shoulder to lean on too. Well thank you for taking the time to read my article, and do not allow anyone to harm you ever, under no circumstances and remember you're not the one at fault or to blame here, the abuser is the one to blame and at fault.

the end.