Alleged Removal Plot: You 're Being Haunted By Your Criminal Past, Group Tells Fayose

….Gov may require psychiatric help, group says
By Emma Alex

A political group, the Progressive Youth League (PYL) has berated Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose over his allegation on Monday that former Governor Kayode Fayemi had begun moves that will lead to his sack by the Supreme Court over alleged irregularities in the election that returned him to power in 2014.

It said the governor is being haunted by his criminal past and might require psychiatric help to overcome his self-imposed trauma and panicky response.

Fayose had on Monday told reporters in Ado-Ekiti about an alleged compromise of the Supreme Court justices by Fayemi, who is Minister of Mines and Steel Development, to reverse his victory based on fresh evidence of breaches of the constitution in the conduct of the June 21, 2014 governorship election.

The Southwest Coordinator of the group, Barrister Adeoye Aribasoye, said Fayose was being haunted by his alleged acts of criminality through which he illegally won the June 21, 2014 election.

He explained that by his jittery conduct, Fayose had exposed himself as a man who has something to hide about his so-called electoral victory by trying to pre-empt the aggrieved and the court when the matter has not even been filed.

He said that the group would not have dignified Fayose with a response to his spurious allegation, but for the public that might be swayed by his usual lies to cause confusion and undeserved sympathy.

“Ordinarily, silence is the best answer for a fool but sometimes it is important for a fool to be made aware of his buffoonery. By now, even his best friends know that Fayose is in need of psychiatric help.

“We know that Fayose is afraid of his shadows, in spite of all attempts to feign courage and hug the media ceaselessly. But come hell or high water, his criminality and brigandage will not escape proper scrutiny and possible punishment this time. Let him continue to entertain himself and his fellow travelers.

“Why is he afraid of fresh evidence of what happened in Ekiti being subjected to scrutiny by a competent judicial body.

“What's wrong with APC calling for a review of an earlier judgment on the basis of information that was not available at the time of the judgment. That's allowed within the law and no amount of blackmail coming from Fayose will stop APC or any group for that matter from pursuing justice no matter whose Ox is gored.”

Aribasoye said the alleged crime of treason through forceful taking over of government by illegal deployment of the military, compromise of INEC and general clampdown on opposition party leaders would continue to cause Fayose sleepless nights until he pays for the alleged crime.

The PYC stalwart said since Fayose had often boasted that he won in all the 16 local governments of the state to defeat APC's candidate, he needed not entertain any fear over court appearance should the aggrieved party decides to approach the court afresh.

Faulting Fayose for resorting to blackmail and guerilla tactics in addressing a legal matter and running his mouth just as he has been running the administration of justice in the state, he counselled the governor to engage his lawyers to argue his case instead of "his usual rabble-rousing tactics from which he has gained notoriety as a master blackmailer".

He said: "Instead of resorting to cheap blackmail, Fayose should provide ample evidence of how Fayemi compromised the Supreme Court justices, including convincing the court on how he achieved the unprecedented feat of winning in all the 16 local governments of state.

"We expect Fayose to engage his lawyers to successfully deny his voice in Capt Sagir Koli's audio tape where he spoke about how he collected soft copies of INEC sensitive materials that he said on that tape that he printed to win his election, including unleashing thugs and soldiers to chase opposition leaders and supporters to the bush on the eve of the election.

"He should convince the world that the coordinator of his election, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, lied against himself after confessing on how two planes loaded with money flew to Akure to fix Ekiti election, including convincing the justices that several other officers languishing in cell awaiting trial over their roles in Fayose's election lied against themselves in their confessional statement‎.

"Fayose must also prove in court that all signed documentary evidence provided by the military and the Fayose Campaign Organisation on how his election was manipulated do not exist.

"In all, Fayose's lawyers must convince the justices that all these illegal and criminal acts are part of Nigeria's legal process in election matters that ensured Fayose's victory."

Aribasoye argued that Fayose's attempt to be a judge in his own case and blackmail the judiciary would fail, adding that no amount of blackmail of the Justices of the Supreme Court will stop the examination of the June 21, 2014 election whenever the aggrieved party so desires, "as this will curb criminalisation of electoral process in future elections".

Barr. Adeoye Aribasoye
Southwest Coordinator
April 4, 2017