Barrack and Michelle Obama have contracted with Penguin Random house for a Book

By Alexander Opicho
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After eight years in the white house the former US president Barrack Obama and His wife Michelle have now signed a contract with the Penguin Random house Publishers to write a book that will be both memoirs and literary outlook intothe contemporary issues affecting the world . It is so historic that most of the US presidents don’t write their memoirs with their wives as co-authors. Recent history has it that Bill Clinton wrote his Memoir My Life, without doing it in team work with his wife. Hillary the wife to Bill Clinton also wrote separately her Memoir under the title Living History. This was also the case for Barbara Bush and George Bush.

Deutsch Welle, the online German Newspaper observed that Penguin Random House announced its pending projectto publish forthcoming books by former President of the United States Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. The New York Times reported on the same matter that industry executives with knowledge of the bidding process figured the deal likely ran into eight figures. But the financial times was very conjectural to estimate that bidding auction for global right ranged over $60 million in respect of the soon coming Obama Books. Penguin Random House is also the publisher of Michelle Obama’s Cookbook, American Grown.

The new book by Obamas will sell easily because Barrack Obama is already a best-selling author. His two books Dreams from my Father and then the Audacity of Hope have remained spell-binders bestriding geographies since their publication. What makes Barrack Obama a good writer is mastery of language, simplicity in use of English, relevance of ideas, gender inclusivity, intellectual audacity and of course his experience of eight years in the white house.Obamas’ eight years in the white house was the time during which the world saw strange deaths of Muhamar Gaddaffi, Osama Bin Laden andthen the volatile upsurge of the Arab Spring.

Universal lesson from this political and intellectual display by the Obamas is that there are a lot of benefits in doing things right from the word go. That, it is important to retire from politics when still strong and write or share life with other people, other than just sticking on power like most of the politicians from Africa, until they begin operating from the other side of the grave. More interestingly, Obama has also pledged to extent his service to humanity by promising donate theentire proceeds from sale of the coming book to be used on work of charity through the Obama Foundation.

A sharp contrast to this is in the African political experience, where most of the presidents come out of office when their intellect and physical capabilities are by worn by age. Saddening, enough, most of the former African presidents retired from politics while still worried of how best to use political power to protect the properties they acquired immorally; such psychological states cannot allow them to be intellectually productive whether in art, literature or any other social avenue.