Fayose cautions police over handling of Ife crisis

By Lere Olayinka
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Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has cautioned the police over

the handling of its investigation on the recent crisis in Ile-Ife,

Osun State that led to the death of more than 40 people, saying “it

appears that the police has so far demonstrated ethnic bias in its

investigation and this is not good for the unity of Nigeria and its people.”

The governor, who condemned the killing of innocent people and

destruction of properties in Ile-Ife, said; "whether committed by

Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa or any tribe, crime is crime and it must be treated

as such. However, handling of crime must be without ethnic bias."

The governor said it was strange that; “In a clash involving the

people of Ile-Ife, who are Yorubas and Hausa, who are settlers in the

ancient town, only Yorubas were arrested, taken to Abuja and paraded

before the press.”
In a statement issued in Ado Ekiti on Thursday, by his Special

Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Governor Fayose, who

condemned the mayhem and described the loss of innocent souls as

unfortunate, said there was no way the Police can convince Nigerians

that only those 20 Yorubas that were paraded in Abuja were involved in

the crisis.
He expressed concern that the same police that intervened promptly in

the Ile-Ife crisis, made arrests and paraded 20 people as alleged

masterminds of the mayhem had been unable to arrest and parade any of

the killer Fulani herdsmen that have wasted and still wasting the

lives of thousands of Nigerians across the country.

“If there was a clash between Yoruba people and Hausas in Ile-Ife, are

the police now saying that only the Yorubas took part in the crisis?

“Both Yorubas and Hausa were attacked. Properties belonging to both

Yorubas and Hausas were destroyed. Are the police sayings that those

20 Yorubas that they paraded in Abuja were the ones who attacked the

Yoruba people that were also victims of the crisis and destroyed those

houses belonging to the indigenes of Ile-Ife that were destroyed?

“In my own opinion, the investigation so far conducted by the police

was done with ethnic bias and I demand for thorough investigation that

is devoid of ethnic sentiments.
“Also, to prevent future reoccurrence of such crisis, I call on the

Osun State Government to set up a judicial panel of inquiry to

ascertain the remote and immediate causes of the crisis, as well as

identify the masterminds of the crisis.
"Most importantly, security agencies in the country must treat all

crimes as the same, irrespective of those perpetrating them. As it

appears, crimes committed by Fulani herdsmen against other Nigerians

are not being treated as crimes that should be given attention by the

security agencies and this is worrisome."