By The Nigerian Voice

This institution has always been one to be proud of, one where decisions are made on a collaborative basis with the best interest of the students in mind in which the leadership and management of the institution were given the respect and support needed to soar the good name of the institution.

“In an unjust society, silence is a crime”

It is so disheartening, the steps taken by the leadership of the SSANIP & NASU of the Federal Polytechnic Ede to take away the basic needs of the students that lead to the inconvenience of the ever peaceful Nigerian Students of Federal Polytechnic Ede.

It is evident that they want to do everything in their power to disrupt the peace of the institution which is one of our glory after embarking on a week strike that doesn’t have much effect on the peace of the institution. Even at the point of the first consultation with the SSANIP chairman, he boldly said "their intention is to inconvenient the students and it was evident in their jubilation after the management declared a mid-semester break. As if that's not enough, they went ahead to disrupt the peaceful registration of the prospective students that are applying for UTME.

22nd march 2016, a similar scenario was experienced on campus which truncated the examination process and every student was sent home for three weeks. Their latest action arose a major concern about their general state of mind (medical check up cannot be overemphasised) in terms of decision making and lack of respect for the students of this noble institution. It is unheard of that they could easily forget that every student is entitled to a safe, orderly and peaceful environment. Students will succeed in an environment that sustains a passion for learning. Every student has their responsibility as well as that of the management. Students succeed best when the leadership of an institution and the management maintain a strong partnership at all levels.

If you want your voice to echo to the hearing of the Federal Government, there are ideological ways to achieve this NOT by hindering the peace of the institution and the entire community. If the range of your bandwidth is not wide enough for your yearning to be heard by the Federal Government, there are more meaningful strategic measures to increase your signal strength. If what you are agitating for is legal and your union is duly recognised by the Federal Government, why not take your fight to the appropriate quarters.

The student's body is of the opinion that the leadership of NASU and SSANIP especially the Chairman SSANIP in person of Mr. Adekanola Johnson Kayode is a misfit. What do you expect from someone who does not have cognate certificate to support students who are not his mate because he possessed WASC without credit in English and Mathematics. How on earth has he become a senior staff in the polytechnic? He has never seen the four-walls of any higher institution to know the usefulness of education. We stand to be corrected.

The management should take the bull by the horns in order to stop the rascality of these two Unions for the benefit of Nigerian Students in Federal polytechnic Ede.

The school should be re-opened for lectures to continue.

The school should be re-opened for prospective corp members to continue with their clearance.

The management should investigate the allegations levelled against the SSANIP chairman.

The management should put all measures in place to secure the amenities that are enjoyed by the Nigerian Students of Federal Polytechnic Ede.

In the same vein, we appreciate one of our ever reasonable student for deactivating his angry mode when things could have turned out bad and activating a high sense of maturity and also to the entire students of this great citadel of learning especially those that are residents of the school hostels for not allowing themselves to be lured into the team of “peace disrupters”.

While we await the immediate action of the management of this noble institution, we implore all students to continue to be law abiding and we promise not to swerve from catering for the welfare of the ever conscious Nigerian students of Federal Polytechnic Ede.

Pursuant to these reasons, we unanimously move a motion of no confidence on the barbaric act displayed by the leadership of SSANIP & NASU.

God bless Nigerian Students
God bless Federal Polytechnic Ede.
God bless Osun State
God bless Nigeria.
Ag Rector
Deputy Rector, Admin
Polytechnic Librarian
Minister of Education
Chairman, Senate committee on Tertiary Education
Chairman, House Committee on Education
Commissioner of Police, Osun State
Director, DSS Osun State
SSS Ede North
SSS Ede South
DPO A Division Ede
DPO B Division Ede
President of Students Union
Bakare Nureni Adejare and Secretary General of Students Union, Adugbe John