Fight For Fairness And Justice, But Not Equality!

By Nimi Princewill

Let's begin on the premise that whatever theoretical knowledge we've acquired, that affirms the equality of all men, is wrong, fictional and in direct contradiction to the original truth!

It's almost unobtainable to say "All Men Are Equal" and relax in the same sentence, without naturally having a little hunch in your spirit, which tends to agree otherwise...

Our academic and faith-based curriculums, have ridden us off the map, as we naively continue to cling to the moral belief that all men are equal. Well, we aren't! (by whatever yardstick).

Interestingly, modern civilization hasn't made much changes from primordial times, where survival was mainly of the fittest.

In our 'enviable' but rather high-speed and competitive 21st century, survival is still of the fittest (maybe not necessarily physical).

The segregative nature of 'Hierarchy' and the unequal balance of political/economic power, coupled with the variations in physical and psychological strength, makes total mockery of equality amongst men!

There will always be an iron curtain between the tough and the weak, the rulers and the ruled, the masters and the serfs and the men and the women. How you survive, solely depends on you!

We're resident in a world where great power, dominance and preference, are fastened on the 'powerful few', who control the affairs of the others.

Does the law promote equality? Not particularly!
The Rule of Law, which is supposedly created to be supreme over everyone, can be limited, compromised and even made redundant by certain 'important' individuals, who are shielded by what is commonly referred to as 'constitutional immunity.'

As often said, "Strive to be among the powers that be, not against them."

On the issue of feminism, women are widely believed to be created with a reduced leadership role in their interactions with men.

While I crusade for women's rights, I believe, women stand a better chance in the pursuit of fair treatment and justice, than they do, seeking equality with men.

The agitation for fair treatment and justice for every individual can be achieved, but equality of humans, can only be a figment of the imagination!

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