By Brown Justice
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We have watched the unending melodrama orchestrated by members of the

8th National Assembly against the hardworking Controller-General of

Nigerian Customs Service, retired Col. Hameed Ali with keen interest

and concern.
We have also noticed how members of the 8th National Assemly

especially our undistinguished Senators have abandoned the laws that

will uplift the general wellbeing of Nigerians which they were elected

to make for the country in pursuits of trivial issues that has no

legal or legislative backing in this country.
How can a responsible Senate that is truly responsive to the yearnings

of Nigerians illegally turn itself to law enforcement agency on a

trivial issue like wearing uniform or not wearing uniform. Is that

what they were elected and paid fat salaries to do for Nigerians?

How has Ali's decision not to wear uniform affected the efficiency of

the job he was appointed to do by Mr. President?
Does that take away the fact that under Col. Ali, Nigerian Customs

Service now generates N1.5 billion every day in to our National

Our undistinguished Senators should have told Nigerians that Ali's

policy on cars would make them to pay more taxes to the Federal

Government on the fleets of cars they are hiding in their houses in

Maitama and Asokoro instead of using the uniform issue as smokescreen

to divert attention from the main issue.
We are therefore warning our undistinguised Senators to be

distinguishable next week Wednesday.
Anything short of that would lead to massive protest that would

prevent anybody from entering or going out of the National Assembly

Complex for one month because they are stealing tax payers money in

the name of salary which they never worked for.
Mr. Brown Justice,
New Mandate Movement.
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