Kennis drags Kelly Hansome to court

Source: Adekunle Ayeni -

Kennis Music has threatened to press charges against Kelly Hansome if the singer 'doesn't cease to propagate false stories about the label and its CEO while at the same time, failing to honour his contractual obligations to the Label.'

In a document made available to e-Punch this week by Adebayo & Adebayo Legal Practitioners, solicitors to Kennis Music, the label insists that Hansome 'has not discharged his obligations to our company under the contractual agreement and to this end, cannot be signed on by any other label.'

Kelly Hansome, popular for his hit single, Maga don Pay, had taken to the internet these past weeks, posting disclaimers on Kennis, and informing everyone he was through with the label.

But A&R manager at Kennis, Godwin Ndidi, assures e-Punch. 'We still have a subsisting contract with him. And if he's serious about moving, he should come and sit down and negotiate his exit.'

'I won't say more than that, because our lawyers are already handling the matter.'

Keke Ogungbe tells e-Punch he has 'no comments. Our lawyer is fully in charge,' he told us over the phone, Tuesday.

“Our client shall not hesitate to enforce her rights under the said contractual agreement in the event of continuous breach of same by the artiste or any record label that signs him on,' Dayo Adebayo, the label's lawyer said.

Hansome, who is believed to be hibernating in Owerri, did not respond to our enquiries.