Lost and Alone

By Melanie Miller

I am lost and alone without you by my side.
Those feelings, I have put on a shelf.
Yes..my pride has been put far away, for no one to see.

I feel desolate inside my heart and soul.
You wore my best friend, a true God-send.
You wore my angel of dreams and one hopes' desire.
It's hard to make it on my own without you..
but I know that I must try, but for now..
I shall weep those tears all alone, lost in a world of confusion,

and false illusion that you would come back to me.
I want to see your face once again, and love you like I did long ago,

the way I used to love and long for you.
But..I am here to say, that I shall always love you, and even though I feel..

lost and alone, I will still have those memories of you and I of a yesteryear,

gone past.
Some day, I may have you once again, at last..and then no one can or will ever...

tear us apart again..but for now, All I can do is hope and pray, that some sweet day,

you will return to me my best friend and companion.

Yes, I know in my heart, that you are my soul-mate, my one and only,

and it was sheer fate...that brought us together and it can bring us together once more.

And I am here to say, I do love you gentle man and will forever more.

the end...