Gov. Masari bans unlawful assembly in Katsina

By The Citizen

Katsina State Governor Aminu Masari has signed an order banning unlawful assembly in the state.

The ban was announced in a statement by Masari's media aide, Abdu Labaran.

Labaran said the February 27 order was in consonance with the power conferred on the governor by Section 97 (A) of the Penal Code.

'Governor Masari has said any assembly of two or more persons in any part of Katsina State is, hereby, banned.

'The assembly, by whatever name and whether members are armed or not, is banned.

'And if the objective of the assembly is to kill, injure, harass and intimidate the public or provoke breach of public peace, or go against the government or any public servant in exercising his lawful powers, resist execution of any law or of any legal process; or commit any mischief or criminal trespass or other offence, or enforce any right or supposed right by means of criminal force or show of criminal force; or compel any person to do what he/she is not legally bound to do or prevent to do what he/she is legally entitled to do by means of criminal force or show of criminal force, is banned,' he said.

The statement added that defaulters will be prosecuted.