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By Uche Onwuchekwa (Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor on Media)
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For Mrs. Beatrice Ejiogu, life had lost its salt before fate brought Prince Eze Madumere her way. It was yesterday when the Deputy Governor came visiting her community on inspection of Rescue Mission Rural Road of Nkwo-Orji-Obazu-Orie Mbieri Road. The case of Mrs. Beatrice Ejiogu was mentioned whose heath was fast deteriorating to a critical point. On hearing this, the compassionate Prince, immediately, requested to be led to Mrs. Ejiogu. That visit did not only provide the missing link to Madam Ejiogu's recovery but led her to rise to praise The Living God for Madumere's humane gesture.

Truly, it was a great faith in action. Gentlemen and Ladies, keeping quiet some times could be our greatest undoing. Share your problems though the solutions may not come instantly but it shall surely come. The maxim that problem shared is problem half solved played out in the case of Mrs. Ejiogu. meanwhile, it took a good Samaritan who knew about Mrs. Ejiogu to seek help in her behalf...

Our Prince, the number two citizen of the Great Imo State, without any doubt, manifested his true character... Never can be pushed but always responds from the heart... Kudos Your Excellency Sir.