‘Rogue Senate, House’ tactics back at work as lawmakers craft selfish plan to kill Buhari’s N500b program for unemployed youths.


Washington----When the public thought that the debate about the N-Power Programme was over, some corrupt National Assembly members and a group of officials ploughed in recently with a virulent attack on the Social Investment program, SIP, created by the Buhari administration to address the challenges of youth unemployment in the country.

The multi billion Naira people friendly N-Power Teacher Corp initiative involves a massive deployment of 500,000 trained graduates providing a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development.

Greedy lawmakers threatened to move a censure motion both in the Senate and the House to sabotage the programme designed to drastically reduce youth unemployment in the country. Even more comical, they talked of stalling and ending it, if they’re not allowed to be in the driver seat in a bid to share part of the billions of Naira approved for the project.

The National Assembly is once again grappling with the “rogue House” tag in the wake of recent decisions seen as shielding it from scrutiny.

This latest audacious attempt to destroy a people oriented project is exposing the lawmakers to ridicule, according to majority of unemployed youths.

One of the beneficiaries speaking to Per Second News said the actions of the assembly members is “sinister, selfish and short-sighted.

Saharareporters is reporting that Senators and House of Representative members have tabled a list of their demands regarding how they can share of the billions of Naira earmarked for the initiative.

“One Senator from one of the Niger Delta States threatened to “kill the entire program,” if Senators are not allowed to choose beneficiaries of the N-Power jobs for unemployed graduates, while a Representative from Kano State specifically demanded contract benefits, the online media outlet reported.

Per Second News gathered that the N500 billion Social Investment Program, targets Nigeria’s critical needs in education, agriculture, technology, creative, construction and artisanal industries.

The selection process is based on merit, starting with applicant’s expression of a genuine interest in specified areas, success in relevant tests and ability to show a flair for development.

In an unpatriotic and selfish move, the lawmakers have allegedly asked government officials to jettison the selection process and allow them to nominate hundreds of beneficiaries.

Officials of the Budget and Planning Ministry, which is responsible for disbursing the funds, disclosed to Saharareporters that the Senators and Representatives have tabled a list of their demands regarding how they can share of the money.

A beneficiary, Miss Faith Adah, earlier this month praised the Buhari administration’s scheme as laudable, according to her, she has since reported to the head teacher of the Local Education Authority (LEA) Primary School, Zhibi Deidei, after receiving her letter and stipend.

“The head teacher of the school signed my posting letter to Area 1, and the management of the N-Power scheme has paid my N30, 000.00 stipends.”

Observers are fretting that, left untamed, the National Assembly could sabotage the program.

" News like this one have sullied the image of the National Assembly, said an applicant on Wednesday morning.

Senators and House members have in the past been known for selfish legislation, like increasing their perks in total disregard of the public mood.