Sheriff is a Traitor, an Agent of APC – PDP Group

By Jude Ndukwe

A group in the People’s Democratic Party, the PDPAction, has described Senator Alli Modu Sheriff as a traitor and an agent of APC that must be treated like a malignant cancer needing urgent surgical operation to remove in order for the party to regain its sound health and be repositioned for a fruitful opposition role and future elections.

In a statement signed by its national leader, Jude Ndukwe, the group said it is unfortunate that after all that Sheriff represents and did against the PDP on several occasions especially his ignominious and notorious roles in the run up to the recent Ondo State election, some leaders in the party are asking that the party should work with him.

The group asked where such leaders were when Sheriff allowed himself to be used by extraneous forces and enemies of the party to scuttle the extremely bright chances of the PDP in the November 26 Ondo election when he promoted a parallel candidate who had no chance at all in the polls against the party’s choice whose candidature was eventually affirmed by the Supreme Court.

“The venom with which Sheriff and his group attacked and defamed eminent Justices of the Appeal Court as part of the plan to delay and eventually cause the PDP to run out of time to prepare adequately for the Ondo election is a cogent testimony to the fact that Sheriff does not mean well for the party. This much was said even by Sheriff’s candidate in the election. What other evidence does one then need to rightly conclude that Sheriff is just like the wicked woman in the days of King Solomon who would rather have the baby killed since he does not belong to her than see him handed over to the right mother. A man who could work so flagrantly against the party cannot now be pretending to love the same party,” the group said.

It further advised the PDP to ensure it goes to the Supreme Court immediately as it was sure of justice for the Makarfi group. “We urge the party to set in motion the processes of challenging the Appeal Court judgement at the Supreme Court since this is still within the right of the party to do. We cannot leave the party with all its humongous assets nationwide for a graceless character like Sheriff whose activities have shown that he is on a mission for the ruling party to decimate the PDP in order for the APC to achieve its longtime desire of running a one-party state. We trust in the impartiality of the apex court to deliver justice in this matter, hence, the party must not sacrifice its pursuit for justice on the altar of time” the statement read.

The group concluded by saying it is ready to defend the party as usual and its assets nationwide against the ravenous Sheriff and his co-travellers. It further called on the party never to surrender the party to anyone except the Makarfi group. “Our discreet investigations have revealed those who are working surreptitiously with Sheriff to undermine the PDP. At the appropriate time when our dossiers on such elements and their dirty deals everywhere are complete, the PDPAction shall expose them to the world for who they are. Sheriff must go!”