By Fodio Ahmed

Education brings forth knowledge, and knowledge is what makes life easy for a person come TOMORROW (THE FUTURE), it is what makes a person romance life comfortably from all ramifications leading to both human development and societal upliftment. Late Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, philanthropist per excellence, politician and pro-people leader said and i quote "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world".

Nothing Good, they say comes easy. Development ; both in human and society does not come by accident but by practical and deliberate efforts. Now in this, it is very important to note that, the tortoise walks slowly and steadily but eventually gets to its destination and It is not about the pace taken but the quality of the pace so far taken. It is also said that, not all those who begin a race end up wining the same race.

According to Hajiya Rahmatu Mohammed Yar’adua’s Special Assistant on Political Affairs, Mohammed Isah Fazhi, between January 2016 and January 2017 "her scholarship scheme has captured 94 beneficiaries in areas of HND, ND, OND, NCE, Under Graduates, PGD, Masters". The scholarship it was gathered was disbursed by her foundation, 'Rahmatu Yar’adua Foundation, which is yet to be commissioned but has already captured and made sure that all the 94 beneficiaries were given 100% fees for a whole academic year.

The Commissioner had earlier noted that, education for her is the best and most desirable legacy to give both the people and their community, respectively. Taking into consideration that, poor socio-economic background(s) might be a barrier for many, she observed that, such circumstances shouldn't be an excuse for anyone not to seek and acquire education.

She disclosed that, she remains committed to rendering her modest unconditional contributions to people seeking knowledge. As a keen observer of Hajiya Rahmatu Mohammed Yar’adua’s activities as the Niger State Commissioner of Investment, Commerce and Industry, you can't help but agree with me that, she is attacking under-development challenges from a vantage position and at the same time laying a solid foundation for a brighter future through education and quest for knowledge. You can call it a STERLING STRIDE, if you want.

The Commissioner believes that, it is only a society laid on solid foundation that can stand against any sort of storm. In spite of the seeming daunting challenges facing our nation and state, the Restoration Agenda of Governor Sani Bello will IN SHA ALLAH not fail to uphold the trust reposed on him by Nigerlites to fix Niger State and take her to greater heights while we support by contributing our collective qoutas, no matter how small, she said.