Atyap National Youth writes The Honorable Speaker, Kaduna State House of Assembly

By Sunday Isuwa
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The Honorable Speaker,
Kaduna State House of Assembly,
Lugard Hall,

The above named organization is a youth forum that comprises all the

leadership of the five (5) major tribes in Zango Kataf Local

Government of Kaduna State (Bajju, Atyap, Ikulu, Anghan, and

Hausa/Fulani) and has been existing since 2011. The forum has been

involved in so many progressive and developmental activities one among

which is sensitization and creating awareness on issues of public

Sir, the Miyetti Allah Breeders Association of Nigeria Kaduna State

(MACBAN) wrote a letter on 10th January 2017 threatening to attack

Ungwa Gaiya/Mabushi indigenous community which was picked at the

corridors of the District Head of Ungwan Gaiya. This threat was

reported to security agencies both in Zonkwa and Kafanchan

respectively. You will recall that 0n 17th January 2017; Three (3)

people were killed by gunmen and four (4) people seriously injured and

hospitalized through gunshots from the attackers in Samaru Kataf of

Zango Kataf LGA. The victims were attacked by the gunmen while

undergoing their lawful business activities on the regular Tuesday

market in their area. This prompted the imposition of 24hours curfew

by the Kaduna State government. The effort of the State government was

greeted with joy which was perceived to aim at restoring law and order

and to forestall lost of lives and break down of law and order.

Little did we know that the government was not aimed at maintaining

law and order but to further hold the good people of Zango Kataf who

were victims of the unfortunate attack hostage. It is 17 days today

that the government is enforcing an unlawful down to dust curfew in

the local government on the harmless and attacked communities. It is

very important to note that this singular act by the government is

outright abuse of constitutional powers and unlawful maltreatment of

the citizens.
In view of the ongoing curfew imposed on Zangon Kataf Local

Government since 17th January 2017, the leadership of the above named

organization, rising from an emergency meeting on 2nd February 2017

have viewed with great concern the continuous imposition of curfew in

Zangon Kataf Local Government and therefore urge the Speaker and

Honorable members of the house to call the executive Governor to order

and restrain him from further abuse of power and maltreatment of

innocent citizens.
Honorable speaker sir, while our people were being attacked without

help from the law enforcement agents, the governor has done little or

nothing to visit the communities, send a representative or settle the

hospital bills of the victims. As at the time of writing this letter,

no arrest has been made from that ugly incident despite the strict

security surveillance.
Recounting the effect and the lost the avoidable and unlawful act of

the government has done to the communities and citizens;

1. Schools have been forcefully closed while exams is fast approaching

2. Market men and women have lost items of perishable profit.

3. Final year students preparing for their WAEC/NECO have been

deprived the opportunity to register.
4. Farmers do not have access to harvest their products and to

further prepare for the next planting season.
5. All economic activities have been grounded as banks and other

businesses are closed.
6. Our traditional rulers have been threatened and queried for

no other reason but on issues that has to do with the carelessness on

the part of the Governor to maintain peace in the state.

It is a well-known fact that despite the attacks, the way and manner

the curfew was imposed on us raised doubt on the intent of the

Governor. Mr. Speaker, just like we have stated; the curfew has been

on for over two (2) weeks now and we view this as an outright abuse of

power and brute force to oppress the people and achieve an intended

agenda we are yet to uncover. Again, we have become highly suspicious

of this move by the governor as an act of conspiracy holding us

captive and subjugating us, destroying our economic activities and

scheming to further impoverish us. Apart from Samaru where the

unfortunate incident took place on 17th January 2017, no incident was

recorded or has been recorded in any area of Zango Kataf Local

government neither is there any reprisal or any intended civil unrest

from the community to warrant the extension of the curfew till date!

You can imagine the injustice meted on communities that are victims of

Mr Speaker, despite efforts by well-meaning individuals, groups and

organizations to reach out to the H.E through government officials and

security agencies, to lift the curfew in the interest of peace,

stability, growth and development, he has continued to put off deaf

ears and remain adamant to our cry. Instead, he has continued to push

the curfew to punish us who had been attacked instead of dealing with

the attackers and bringing them to book.
We therefore appeal to you and the honorable members as a matter of

urgency to compel the executive Governor to release our people who

have been held captive and kept under prison custody on no just cause

but as a result of putting off self-defense to safeguard lives and

properties from the terrorist/Fulani militia that have destroyed many

lives and communities.
Honorable speaker sir, we therefore appeal to you to exercise your

legislative powers within the ambit of the constitution to restore

peace and order in the state and restrain the Governor from outright

abuse of power as the people are groaning from this unjust policy

against our peace loving people who have been working hard to preserve

peace, despite frequent provocative attacks by the herdsmen who have

been identified and paid by his Excellency yet carrying out murderous

attacks unabated.
Therefore, it is our hope that the house will take urgent steps to

address the issues raised. As we await your quick and response to this

letter, we will continue to count on your support and believing that

our request will be given due consideration. Thank you.

Long live Zangon Kataf LGA,
Long live Kaduna State,
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Comrade ThankGod Emmanuel
Comrade Habila
Deputy Coordinator
Atyap National Youth President
National Youth President
Ikulu National Youth President
Hon. Angulu Kwasau
Hon. Irimiya I. Kantiok
Hon A. A Wakili, Chairman Zango Kataf Local Government

Hon. Sunday Marshal Katung
Distinguish Senator Danjuma La’ah
Divisional Police Officer Zonkwa
Department of State Security Service