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5 ways to know Donald Trump is like every other African dictator

Donald Trump is just like any other African dictator and we have enough facts to prove this.
By pulse
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Saturday. (Pete Marovich - Pool/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Saturday. (Pete Marovich - Pool/Getty Images)

Donald Trump hasn't stayed a month in the White House and the world is already upside down.

From scraping abortion funding to banning citizens from seven American countries, Trump has the world pissed.

The number of protests against his government since he got sworn in is alarming. To many Americans, Donald Trump is an extremity they cannot bear. For we Africans, Donald Trump is just like the many leaders who have ruled in this continent.

If you are in doubt that Trump is like most rulers check out the similarities below;

1) Didn't win the election
It's not only in Africa that the candidate who lost the election gets to become President. Donald Trump lost the popular votes of the US election by 3 million votes but still ended up in the White House thanks to a silly thing called the electoral college. Just like in Africa, the choice of the people lost.

2) Cross Carpeting
A hallmark of African dictators and politicians is that they do not stick to one political party. They jump from one political party to another as long it suits their political ambitions. Donald Trump was once a Democrat. He joined the political party in 2001. Before then he was a Republican. Then in 2009, he left the Democrats to become Republican.

3) Ban
When a dictator gets into power, the first thing he does is to ban any law or policy he does not approve of. Well, that is what Donald Trump has done since he got into power- banning spree.

4) Married three times
A true warm-blooded African dictator has more than one wife. What's the point of having all that power and staying with just one woman? Trump might not have more than one wife now but he has been married three times.

5) Hates the media
Dictators hate freedom of expression and the press. There are thousands of stories of African dictators shutting down media houses and arresting journalists. Donald Trump hasn't done any of these yet but his verbal attacks on certain newspapers and media houses will warm the cold heart of any African dictator.