There's No One I Love But You

By Melanie Miller

There's no one I love but you.
You are so gentle and kind,
and you love everyone...
I am not blind as I see your loving ways.
You are nurturing and caring towards others,
and you have helped innocent souls.
You have been there for me, many of times,
and you rescused me from pain and agony.
You took me under your wings, and made life so very happy and content,

for me.
There is no one I love the most, like I do you.
I shall never need or want for anyone else but you.

You have a big heart, and your soul is sweet as honey.

Your love you have for others, is wonderful and grand.

You seem to understand others feelings and care for everyone.

This is why I love you so, because you have a good heart, and have been there for me,

from the very start.
No, there is no one I love more then you, and you are my joy and my everything,

and you stop the pouring rain and thunder..and now you see why I feel there is none other but you, I love the most.

You are all the man I could ask for and more, and we shall love one another for always, and ever more.

the end...