By uzorma nathan

Justice in the air is like hunter in the wind. The hunter being hunted by galaxy of poor minds; he took shelter under the evil umbrella of the society; and became that which destiny never ordained. His radiating eyes became his comfort in a comfortless environment. He spoke the truth and the family was arraigned. He keeps quiet; a plot of blackmail emerged, he sorted the blackmail; another voice from the bottomless pit emerged. He reacted, his soul-mates and his second-half was amputated. In the unknown land of the invisible, he cried and cried. The redeemer of the oppressed emerged. He continued in the moon-light seeking justice and freedom of his second-half. His joy was accomplished, when at the meeting of destiny, his second-half became the succor of the material world; thus he was freed.

The song of freedom continued to accelerate as was evident in his epistles to the modern world. Because he has found himself in an evil society where truth is upturned and lies told like napkins are changed from the buttocks of a baby, he picked his pen in the air to address the unchangeable heart of the ancient evil ruler, hitherto reincarnated. The reincarnation of pharaoh Ramases in the golden soil of the rising sun of the endless world has destabilized the internally agreed foundation that holds the bound forever. Consequently, the light gave up and the moon fell down. The stars sang a mourning song to welcome the birth of an evil son, whose activities and administration have created a cosmic imbalance in the atmospheric structure of man’s abode.

Having weakened the planetary energy that ought to sustain him, thus he enjoys alone in the endless city of pleasure and his error was revealed.

Voices spoke from alters of divinity to condemn his faceless activities. The moon gave up its strength, the stars engaged in a battle with the sun and water fell from the throne of the gods. All these blinded him because he lives in affluence and manipulation of the mind but the sun smiles. Redeeming his soul became a problem to the supreme redeemer, as the voiceless voice came from different alters and raised dust of condemnation against him. His deceit empowered him to overcome many. The sun again smiled at his victory; knowing fully well that the superiority of falsehood over truth is but for a moment.

In the endless land of joy, lies the expectation of the commoners, crying and asking for justice; behold the lion has eaten the lioness, the cat has eaten the dog, and the little fish has swallowed the great hippopotamus. The commoners cried, how long shall this be oh Lord! In the endless city of the agony of the soul lies his pleasure. In his pleasure and life of the moment, lies the joy of his family. By so doing he caged the moon and the stars and rejoiced for blindfolding the sun. The sun again smiled at his effort. Redeemed by the savior his joy was reduced. In seeking for freedom, he found evil; in seeking for evil against the people of the land, he found deceit. The deceit generated pecuniary interest which he thinks is the voice of freedom; alas he is in bondage the more.

A visionless soul in his gentle soul arose as an arm and behold he prepares him to take a humble seat in the midst of fire. The arm of his soul rejoicing for now does not understand, that in his rejoice and merry lies the wrath of the sun. The people of the land generated incomprehensible energy to fight him, again his tongue manifested strength and unbridled deception, behold an airline was born.

Diversionary manifestations from the succor of his conviction became the base of his labour. Having amassed for himself enough wealth capable of sustaining him even in the land of the dead, he finds rest in illusion. He swept the ground with his hand, and wants to build by himself. He weakened the extended house and planted Gomes round about the city of the people. In hypnotism, his voice was heard; in love, his action was buried; in hypocrisy, his strength is revealed. The people of the land, dancing in the cage of the soul, live in fear; because of this, the sun smiled. The gods of the land weakened the infrastructure of the people of the land.

He rejoices over this at the expense of the people’s resources. The meeting point has come with a battle, the battle of tomorrow. The sun has risen, the moon has a sword and the stars destroying the broom of yesterday with which he swept the city of the people. The battle of tomorrow has come to stay. The frivolous reality surrounding this battle shall disappoint the god of today, and a man with a “bald-head”, singing the doxology of the hidden gods shall emerge from the city of the people of the land, but the reincarnated pharaoh shall fight against the cosmic elements and behold the unknown “KING” in the kingdom of the people of the land who before now is vilified, shall emerge with a blazing sword and shall fight with the chosen ones to reclaim the land from the soul of pharaoh’s dynasty; and the people shall mourn for a while, and thereafter rejoice.

The parting point has come with a strange battle with misguided people of the land. The docile house shall be banished and the people of the land shall rejoice. The extension of the soul of pharaoh’s dynasty shall gnash its teeth in pains because the water shall be bitter and the stone shall grind the seed of its joy. Crime shall fall, evil shall fall, wickedness weep, pain shall be dispelled. The people of the land shall rejoice in the golden-city of the lord, because the victory of the chosen ones shall overshadow the wailings and weeping of pharaohs descendants.

The “Reformer” has spoken, do not ask me to interpret, watch and see how that which began with joy shall end in sorrow.