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With My Situation, I Can’t Advice You to Drop out of School…Singer, Burnaboy

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Singer, Burna Boy, might be successful today but his plans and dreams of becoming a musician did not just come overnight as it is something he has wished for while in primary school.

Not many of what people wish for comes to pass but for Burna Boy, his destiny was wired to music which as today his dreams became manifest.

The singer took out time to explain that while in primary school, he never liked things relating to academics as one day they were asked to write what they hoped for in the future as an essay and he stated that he wants to be a musician not knowing he was predicting his future.

In his words, “I remember back In Montessori primary School Port Harcourt, Nigeria. My teacher Mr. Morgan made us write down what we wanted 2 become in the future and why, I wrote: "I want to be a rockstar because I love Music and I Hate School" in those exact words TRUE STORY! lol. Shit has a funny way of always working out doesn't it? Stay in school sha o! Don't go and say I told u not to go School! #RIPmrMorga .”

there is no impossiblity in life,it is our ingnorance is the impossiblity