By Usman Santuraki
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It is not an exaggeration and understatement, to say, that Alhaji

Mahmud Abba, the Chairman of Yola-North has done wonderfully well

since his ascension at the mantle of leadership of the council in the

last six months.
Alhaji Mahmud Abba, before seeking the mandate of the people knows the

problems and plight of the council. This is a Local Government that

host the capital of the state but inspite of this obvious fact, has no

secretariat of its own. He immediately seek the approval of the

Governor Mohammed Umaru Bindow, for the former camp of the state owned

football team Adamawa United to be given to the council for its

conversion into a full fledged secretariat and the Governor Mohammed

Umaru Bindow approved his request.
Work has already commenced in the rehabilitation and construction of

additional offices.
Before his ascension as the Chairman of the council, refuse dump has

become an eyesore especially along the Bye-Pass road. He immediately

set in motion the machinery for the clearance of all the refuse

thereby returning the beauty of the city in the eyes of not only those

in the capital city,but even visitors
Alhaji Mahmud Abba, has so far proved to even the cynics, that he mean

business when he ventured into the murky waters of politics in order

to make a giant difference in how to make the Local Government an envy

of others. He has grasped the problems of the council and has forge

ahead in trying to bring about the desired change.
Infact, the Chairman has brought some innovations towards utilizing

the scarce resources of the council for the benefit of the people. One

of such innovation was hinged on how problems of the people can be

solved by reprimanding his Supervisory Councillors to compiled the

problems of the people in their departments for review on monthly

This method has gone a long way in the efforts of the Chairman in

tackling the problems one by one as the limited funds of the council

cannot solve the problems at once.
The Chairman opined that the council is backward in various

ramifications and he is bend in redressing some of these backwardness

for the fact, that the mean a lot not only the people but the

government as a whole.
It is expected that Alhaji Mahmud Abba is trying to remove the council

from the shackles of uderdevelopment, deprivation and want to one,

that can stand on its feet for anything.
By Usman Santuraki
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