Aso Rock And Starplace Bible Church

By Emeka Anumbor
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One of the national media highlights of year 2016 happened on October 14, 2016, when Dr. Reuben Abati, the former Special Assistant on Media to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, inundated the print and electronic media with a write-up tagged, “The Spiritual Side of Aso Rock,”Nigeria’s presidential office/residence. The macabre narrative showed the administration of President Jonathan operating on auto-pilot while evil forces charted our national direction, that his government was a drone sent aloft by satanic forces whose road map his regime only implemented. The inept and spineless government of Dr. Jonathan according to the “gospel” of Dr. Abati, was a victim of powerful spiritual powers who lord it over the occupants of the highest office in our nation!

Mighty evil forces and fetish occurrences rule the world of politics and government, in the fearful submissions of Dr. Abati. He surmised that “when people seek power in Nigeria, whether in the political or spiritual realms, not a few of them go for diabolical means.” Femi Fani-Kayode, Dr. Abati’s predecessor and ex-aviation minister collaborated this opinion. Naturally, the spiritual overthrow of the will of Dr. Jonathan and his administration also crept into the families of Villa staff who became zombies-in-residence. Subjected to Hammer House of Horror like tortures, the psychologically and emotionally dismembered male occupants of the most expensive real estate in Nigeria became castrated, and their females became buyers of dildo for comfort. Dr. Abati wailed that people “lost daughters and sons, brothers and uncles, mothers and fathers …” Dr. Jonathan had two near air mishaps abroad and his wife and First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan went under the surgeon’s knives many times in Germany.

At the time, many practicing agnostics erred by deeming the reality Dr. Abati’s theistic experiences as irrational and superstitious. And many of their camp followers may still be of that opinion. I wasn’t and I am not! A beneficiary of the salvation of God in Jesus Christ {MT. 1:21; JN. 3:1-8, 16} and born of water and the Spirit of God {JN. 6:63}, armed with God’s Word of power, and given the ability to speak in tongues, I have enough revelation to clearly understand what mystified Dr. Abati. By grace, I am privileged to be a pastor in Starplace Bible Church where the Word of God is taught by my senior pastor. AAso Rock may be a castle of death, but where I belong is a City of Refuge! Halleluyah! Throughout the administration of Dr. Jonathan till date, I have not suffered death of a wife, sons, mother or siblings by the good deeds of God. Health wise, I ended year 2016 on a more excellent note than the commencement of that year. Can somebody give the Lord Jesus Christ Tehila praise?

In 2016, no family in Starplace Bible Churchreceived a condolence or sympathy delegation because of death in this house. I am in the ministry of Pastor Dan Ogbemudia, a teaching priest and God’s primary tool of deliverance from evil forces is His Word – PSA. 107:20. I can never be a victim of evil forces no matter how pervasive they may be. By the Spirit and grace of Christ Jesus, it has become my area of competence to tread the paths that science and empiricism has been dwarfed because the carnal mind will find spiritual matters very strange – JN. 14:17. Praise God. Pastor Dan is in ministering and Starplace Bible Churchis a deliverance ground by God’s Word of power for the kind of challenges that Dr. Abati encountered in Aso Rock. Present and past operatives in that seat of power who are traumatized have a free, ready deliverance ground to be liberated from the hold of evil powers. Male Villa occupants who suffered or are suffering erectile dysfunction can be assured that their “fire power” will return in no time. I like to assure that their sicknesses are not unto death – JN. 11:4.

Among the testimonies recorded in Starplace Bible Churchis that of Brother Abu, a civil servant and father of two who was told by medical doctors to go and put his house in order because death was imminent. Abati was certain that that “around the Villa while I was there, someone always died or their relations died. I can confirm that every principal officer suffered on tragedy or the other.” At Starplace Bible Churchwhere I belong, nobody dies like Abati described! From our inauguration in 2013 till date, no soul died in Starplace Bible Churchhere in Nigeria or abroad! The healing hands of the living God touched Brother Abu as Pastor Dan was ministering in the power of the Holy Ghost and he got a new heart and liver. The loving hands of Jesus is still healing souls where I belong. Dr. Abati was warned that some Villa residents bath with the blood of animals. Well, I not only BATH with the BLOOD OF JESUS which is established upon a better covenant, but I EAT HIS FLESH WEEKLY – 1 COR. 11:23-30; HEB. 8:1-13. Every born again child of God in my church has this privilege. Shout Halleluyah! My friend, I invite you to be part of this glorious mystery this week.

My senior pastor and a few trusted men of God that I know have experiences of “pastors” who have dabbled into diabolism using the name of Jesus Christ. Brother Abu spent good money in sacrifices prescribed by “pastors” and Muslim clerics to no avail before a blessed sister in Starplace Bible Church informed him that Jesus heals in this blessed commission. Every manner of affliction surrenders to the power of the Holy Ghost in this glorious church. Till date, Brother Abu has not been asked to pay a dime for what the Lord did for him, for freely has Pastor Dan received and freely God gives through his anointed ministering. If ex-President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and his predecessors were held hostage by mercurial evil spirits, they will receive freedom in Starplace Bible Church simply by faith – JN. MT. 9:1-6. And I guarantee that they will have life and more abundantly – JN. 10:10. Friends, build your faith to receive from God

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Pastor, historian and writer, Joseph Emeka Anumboris the author of The Intercourse of Troubled Thoughts,a critically acclaimed discourse on homosexuality, published by AuthorHouse Inc, Indiana, USA.