Gas Shortage Cripples GenCos as Power Generation Drops to 3,000

By Nigeria Electricity Hub

Nigeria’s electricity grid has lost 1,062 Megawatts (Mw) to turbine faults and gas shortage.

The grid, which had peak power generation of 4,160 Megawatts on January 1, 2017 dropped to 3,432 Megawatts last week, and further declined to 3,098 Megawatts on Sunday, causing a total loss of 1,062 Megawatts.

Nigeria System Operator (NSO) on Monday said the lowest generation was around 2,700 Megawatts.

The drop was majorly caused by supply of gas to the 23 Generation Companies (GenCos).

Another issue is the breakdown of two turbines, which are being revamped.

Recall that Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, in December stated that whenever power generation dropped below 3,000 Megawatts, the stability of the transmission network cannot be

Source: Dailypost