Electricity: Power sector loses N10.33bn in 8 days

By The Citizen
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The nation's contentious power sector lost an estimated N10,331,000,000 in eight days, between Saturday, January 7 and Saturday, January 14, 2017, due to gas and water constraints, daily operational report of the Nigerian Electricity System Operation stated.

Also, power generation within the eight days under review lost 1,119 megawatts, MW.

The highest financial loss of N1,578 billion was recorded on Thursday, January 7, while power generation lost 83 MW same day, as average power sent out was 3,632MW as against 3,714MW sent out a day before. The sum of N1,571 billion was lost on Sunday, January 8, while generation lost 118MW, as power sent out was 3,514MW, as against 3,632MW.

On January 14, 2017, average power sent out was 2924MW as power generation lost 19MW. The power sector lost an estimated N1,385,000, 000. Friday, January 13, witnessed a power sector loss of N1,358,000, 000, while generation lost 165MW.

An estimated sum of N1,356 billion was reported lost on January 12, while generation reduced by 139MW, as power sent out was 2,779MW, as against 2,918MW sent out a day before. Within the period under review, the nation lost an estimated N1,106 billion on January 11, at a time generation lost 228MW. Power sent out stood at 2,918MW, down from 3,146MW previously recorded.

The power sector lost an estimated N985 million on January 10, while power generation lost 159MW, due to the fact that power sent out stood at N3,146MW, as against 3,305MW previously recorded. The least loss recorded within the period under review was an estimated N992 million on January 9, at a time power generation lost 209MW. Average power sent was 3,305, as against 3,514MW sent out the previous day.

Of the gas powered generation companies, Gbarain, Geregu NIPP and Sapele NIPP were shut down for maintenance works on their fire hydrant. For the hydro powered generation companies, Kainji G/S 1G5 was also shut down for maintenance, while Shiroro was said to have reported water constraints.

There was no grid constraint. Power was not sent out to nine gas powered generation companies. These include, Gbarain, Rivers IPP, Trans Amadi, ASCO, and A.E.S. Others are Olorunsogo IPP, Ibom, Alaoji NIPP, Ihovbor and Afam IV - V.

Also, within the period under review, Kainji G/S 1G5 was shut down for maintenance, Ihovbor NIPP GT2 was shut down due to gas leakage from the gas pipeline. Afam VI GT13 was also shut down to replace the dirty air intake filter. Partial collapse occurred on January 12 2017, At 08:41Hrs, System frequency dropped from 51.00Hz to 43.00Hz. Lagos, Osogbo, Jebba, Kainji and Shiroro lost supply while other areas survived.

The following plants lost turbine functionality as at 0600 am January 13th 2017: Okpai (GT11 - Out due to flame monitor problem. ST18 - Out due to hydraulic valve problem) and Olorunsogo I (GT2 - Out since partial collapse of 10/01/2017.). - Vanguard.