FG to Utilize PPP for key Hydro Power Infrastructure in 2017

By Nigeria Electricity Hub

In a move by the government to accelerate the pace of provision of infrastructure across the country, a Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach is about to be robustly engaged in different sectors of the economy including power, Spark reports.

This is contained in a circular obtained recently in Abuja from the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC), the body saddled with the management of the federal government’s PPPs. The document dubbed, “2016/2017 Public Private Partnership Project Opportunities”, has a list of projects prepared for a PPP approach and the power sector enjoys a good share of attention in the list.

The development of hydroelectric power from existing 10 small & medium dams across the country to generate about 45MW of off-grid power for the dam environment has been identified. The small and medium dams in view for the project are Owena, Ikere Gorge and Oyan dams in Lot 1; Bakalori, Doma and Omi-Kampe dams in Lot 2; Challawa, Tiga, Jibiya and Zobe dams in Lot 1 with an estimated cost of N29.4 billion. Tede and Dasin Hausa Dams as well as the concession of Oturkpo Dam, all for hydro power were also part of the list.

Source: EnergyMix