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Searchlight on Immigration Service! Who made Nigerian passports for the notorious Jyoti and Khiran Matharoos? How they revealed the rich men who have slept with them

· Investigations reveal that Canadian twin menace enjoyed citizenship status even though they aren’t citizens
By The Capital

They are like a spoke among the wheels but often mistaken for the emollient that greases the country’s twirl of progress. But no sooner than it was revealed that Jyoti and Khiran Matharoo possessed Nigerian passports, the country’s detectives and secret services began to scrutinise the operations of the immigration services.

Certain officers of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) were responsible for issuing the blackmailers cum commercial sex workers Nigerian passports even though they aren’t citizens of Nigeria.

As the Canadian sisters and courtesans face prosecution in court and detective inquiry into their criminal acts intensifies, more facts are coming to light about the actual nature of their dastardly acts and the quality of help they received from likely and unlikely sources.

It would be recalled that the high society courtesans were recently arrested and charged to court over a botched plot to blackmail, extort and humiliate Forte Oil boss, Femi Otedola. Contrary to their usual practice and experience in extorting and humiliating Nigerian billionaires courtesy their slanderous website, naijagistlive, among other means, the Matharoos met their match in the oil magnate who cleverly worked with brilliant detectives to lure the notorious siblings into a trap.

Predictably, the Matharoos have been singing like canaries since their arrest. Besides issuing a heartfelt apology to Femi Otedola, they have been helping the police with useful information concerning their criminal activities and victims.