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MSSN‎ recommends non-interest banking for economic rejuvenation

...tackles creation of Christian court, CEFOD
By MSSN Lagos
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The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria has stated that Nigeria was not progressing at desired rate because of her interest-based‎ economic policies and 'embarrassing' laws.‎

The Amir (president) of MSSN in Lagos State, Mallam Saheed Ashafa, said this during the formal opening ceremony of the Islamic Vacation Course‎ (IVC) camp, organised by the MSSN Lagos at Human Capital Development Centre (HCDC), Epe, Lagos.

The camp, which commenced on Friday, December 23, 2016 is expected to end on Sunday, January 1, 2017 for primary and secondary school students, undergraduates and graduates.

Ashafa recommended that Nigeria will grow if leaders in the country apply principles of accountability and good governance.

For Nigeria to bounce back fully from the effects of economic recession, Ashafa proferred that non-interest banking should be made mandatory nationwide.

He said, "‎What matters most is shaping our environment and community to align with Allah’s shade. For Nigeria to develop, our system of government must follow that of Allah. We cannot stop suffering from the effects of recession and our policies will not beget favourable outcomes if we do not stop operating an economy that survives on interest – Ribaa.

"We have to apply Islamic principles of accountability, governance and law for us to witness economic rejuvenation. Government must also know that attempting to initiate certain laws is an embarrassment to this nation and mockery of the collective intelligence of the over 170 millions Nigerians in the country."

He specifically tackled the attempt to legalise Christian courts and a bill seeking to disregard gender differences between males and females in the country.

According to him, creation of a Christian Court has no basis and capable of constituting a threat to good governance.

He added, "‎It is ridiculous to see Nigeria lawmakers waste our resource to deliberate on establishing a Christian Court and endorsing the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEFOD) bills.

"Either or both of these bills, it should be noted, will relegate the little progress Nigeria has made so far, destroy our legal framework and damage completely our value system."

He urged youths in the country to defend their right‎s, adding that the challenges of recession should not push them to doing wrong things.

"Youths seem to join the blame game instead of creating the games for others to follow. It is high time, I must say, we began to tackle issues critically as youths before the government ruin the nation beyond repair. Human form of leadership has definitely failed us; hence, there is a need to seek for Allah’s Shade,"‎ he added.

On his part, the Chief Imam of Lekki Muslim community Central Mosque, Sheik Ridwan Jamiu, charged youths to command good virtues and prohibit vices.‎

Amir of The Mus‎lim Congress, Lukman Abdur Raheem, urged government at all levels to be accountable.

Also, ‎the Director of An-Najat; Sheikh Abdulfattah Muh’d Thanni, blamed the lack of fear of God among leaders for the challenges ‎faced in the country.

During the camping programme, the about 6000 participants got academic, spiritual and health lectures, and book reviews among others. ‎

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Lagos State Area Unit.
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