Why I was detained in America

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For Ghetto Soldier, Daddy Showkey, his ordeal in the United States has inspired his new album. According to the Galala exponent, he saw hell in te hands of the American police who mistook him for a drug baron because of his mode of dressing.

He lamented thus: “I was arrested and detained by the American police because of my dreadlocks and gold chains.

They thought that I was a drug baron. I brought out my passport and told them that I am a musician but they did not believe me.

There was this American that was detained with me who kept on saying 'God bless America'. They were dragging him to court but he kept saying 'God bless America'. That singular act really touched me.

The criminal knew that he was in for it but he kept on praising his country. I said to myself, 'no matter the situation in Nigeria, I will always be proud of my country.' One day, Nigeria is going to be a better place by the grace of God.”

Nigeria Go Better
Speaking passionately about his forthcoming album, the musician said that it contains a lot of explosive tracks. “In my album that would soon come out, I have a track called, “One Day Na One Day, Nigeria Go Better”. This is a song every Nigerian should listen to. Every day I pray for Nigeria to be a better place for my children. The people in government need to consider children because there was a time they were children too.”

Niger Delta crisis
Daddy Showkey has sympathised with the people of the Niger Delta but he condemned taking up arms as the last resort. Pointing out that violence can not solve any problem, he said: “I don't support the use of arms, but what they are fighting for is real. I am not a greedy person. I believe that others own anything I have. If there is a need to share my property with everybody, l will not hesitate to do it. All what the people of Niger Delta want is a fair share of what is coming out from their region. But they should consider the unity of Nigeria. There is a need for dialogue but the problem is that people in government don't listen to anybody.”

Pet project
The musician has floated a foundation essentially for children. “Children are the leaders of tomorrow. We need to give them hope. If not for music, I wonder what would have become of me. That I am famous today is because of music. We need to make these children understand that with hard work they can become very useful not only to themselves but as well become good ambassadors of Nigeria.
Some parents can not afford to send their children to school but with counseling we will try to give them hope so that they can follow the right track. Most of these children are very talented.”

Why I dumped Felin Records
Daddy Showkey also opened up on why he dumped his former recording company, Felin for O'jez Music. “I left Felin Records because I felt cheated. After releasing two of my albums, you won't believe it, I was not paid a dime.”