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2019: Ima Niboro, Apc And The Urhobo Nation

By Ijebu Afoke DicksonĀ 
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Recently Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro the immediate past Managing Director of News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the Uruemuesiri of Ughievwen Kingdom in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State officially joined the All Progressives Congress, the brief event which was widely reported in both local and international media platforms quoted the APC Chairman in Ughelli South Local Government as saying "Niboro is the game changer".

Many party leaders that attended the event later confirmed to a local newspaper reporter in another event that one of their greatest impetus that has been moving people to register in the APC especially in the Ughelli South is the coming of Olorogun Ima Niboro.

Similarly, the APC National Chairman Chief John Oyegun while receiving Olorogun Ima Niboro at the party’s national headquarter in Abuja expressed satisfaction that Niboro joined the party.The APC National Chairman further expressed optimism that Mr. Niboro would bring his political expertise to bear in advancing the party and the country generally.

All these point to the fact that Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro is not just an asset to the APC but to the Urhobo nation that is fortune to have produced such a respected son.

No doubt Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro is a media professional with a different, Niboro's popularity, humility, gentility, statesmanship, integrity and political experience are enough to be ahead of every other office-seekers should he decides to run for any elective office in 2019.

It's imperative to detail the popularity of the humble gentleman. Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro is a name that resonates deeply. Beyond that, many who have related personally with him or have had one form of interface or the other with him, can attest to the fact of his accessible personality, Niboro can pass for the man next door who's socially responsible and responsive, humane and certainly urbane. Despite his busy schedules, he makes it a point of duty to meet, confer and consult with the people.

Make no mistake about it. Among the elite, Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro is received and respected as a political brand that has paid his dues and made a mark on the political terrain of not just Nigeria but across the country. He cuts across elite circles with ease with visits to top politicians in their homes to consult and confer in a manner that depicts respect and regards for leaders and elders, Niboro's recent visit to the National leadership of the All Progressives Congress at the National Headquarter speak volume.

It's therefore not surprising that the former President Goodluck Jonathan spokesman is amassing support for taking a bold step of officially joining the APC. All these confirm the fact that Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro has become an issue politically across the country. But Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro did not attain popularity overnight or by being an emergency philanthropist, he has been quietly developing and empowering people across the country and even beyond without fan fare. He has been building, oiling and sustaining relationships, affiliations and associations with different classes of people across the country. He knows his party men, traditional rulers, youth and women leaders by their faces and names.

Even before, during and after his service in public offices, Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro adhered to the Biblical principle of not letting his left hand know what his right hand is giving. Niboro is a generous giver. Churches, women groups, indigent students of Ughievwen Kingdom and artisans are the major beneficiaries. Niboro's helping hands have touched directly or indirectly many sons and daughters of Urhobo and Isoko. Niboro singlehandedly built an ultra modern Church building for United Believers Mission in his maternal place Emevor and the Church is named after Niboro's mother Late Deaconess Agnes Owoma Ukeseh.

His peaceful, peaceable, humble, gentle and down-to-earth nature is so charming and has endeared him to the hearts of the people. Integrity, loyalty and clear presence of mind has always been a guiding principle of Olorogun Ima Niboro. Till date, there is no person whom he has worked or related with as a journalist, politician or in any other sphere of life that will not attest to this quality in Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro.

Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro is a strategic thinker and planner. He's firm and focused with practicable blueprint for the radical development of Urhobo land. He has taken time to study the different community and its people, their peculiar problems and needs. He has worked out the magic wand to address them.

Though quiet and simple in nature, he has a very strong character. He is a very focused and principled person. Urhobo people desire Olorogun Rume Ima Niboro because he is armed with political will and grit strong enough to overwhelm the retrogressive forces that wandered into positions of authority. They desire Niboro because he has clear understanding of the peculiar problems and needs of the different communities and practicable blueprint to address the issues affecting Urhobo nation.

As 2019 is drawing nearer, I am calling on the APC leaders and Urhobo nation to think with their head rather than their stomach because any wrong decision made will affect generation yet unborn.

Ijebu Afoke Dickson is the publisher of, he writes from Emevor Delta State and can be reached by [email protected]