By NBF News

How would you describe the politics of Enugu State?

The politics of Enugu State can be described as very interesting in the sense that, unlike what had been happening in the state, the current situation is that there is noticeable peace and happiness. Also, politicians understand themselves better.

It is basically because of the good work of Governor Sullivan Chime. Since he assumed office, he has been playing the politics of integration, politics of welcome, what I mean is that he is carrying everybody along in the state, and the implication is that there is political harmony.

Most importantly, Chime has created policies and programmes that revolve around the welfare and wellbeing of the people. For instance, if you see the level of road rehabilitation and construction he has embarked upon in Enugu State, you would wonder if it was the same state you used to know or hear about where infrastructural development was nothing to write home about.

If you go into housing, the governor has also done well.

In the areas of commerce, you will see the footprints of his visionary leadership. For instance, the state government recently signed a contract with a private company for the construction of a massive shopping mall in Enugu. He uses ideas and brain capacity to advance the governance of the people. There is another shopping mall being developed at Polo Park, Enugu. The implication is that by the policy actions of Governor Chime, the state is moving forward.

Well. I know that there is the Ebeano factor in the politics of the state but it is a statement expressed by very few and, mainly disgruntled people.

The majority of the party members and electorate identify with the incumbent. You see, when the Ebeano group was in power, there was no major achievement to point at. What obtained then was policy misconception and misdirection. While the people needed water and good roads, the former administration built the judiciary. The truth of the matter is that what is needed is a governor whose programmes are people-oriented. So, at the appropriate time, what would the Ebeano group tell the people whose expectations they never met.

Fortunately, with the electoral reform process, credible candidates who got the people's mandate will be declared winner unlike the time when we contested and the person who clearly lost was declared winner. Again, most of the members of the Ebeano group have retraced their steps and identified with Chime. In a nutshell, the Ebeano group will be rubbished in a free and fair election. We cannot afford to go back to the dark days. The people of Enugu will never allow hijackers to take over the state again. We will do everything within the ambit of the law to frustrate them.

Come to think of it, where is the Ebeano group? Do they come to the state? We do not see Dr Chimaroke Nnamani in the state again. He actually sneaks in and out of the state. He usually uses Imo Airport even when Enugu Airport was open because he would be embarrassed by the people if they see him. What then would strengthen him?

What is your aspiration for 2011?
Let 2011 unfold and then we will see what aspiration we could have. We are keeping our strategies to heart. When we get to the bridge we will see how to cross it. But I can say with certainty that I will not go for governorship. Other things are possible.