IPOB warns Buhari against visit to South-East

By The Citizen

Leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has frowned at the planned official visit of President Buhari to Enugu on Thursday, December 22, 2016, saying that on no account should he set his foot on Biafra Land.

The group which described him as a killer said that he has killed a lot of Biafrans during the civil war and has even killed many more after and for that reason should not come to Biafraland unless he is willing to release all detained Biafra restoration agitators.

A statement signed by IPOB spokesmen, Barr. Emma Mmezu and Dr. Clifford Iroanya respectively, posits that both Buhari and the South East governors or Igbo leaders that welcome Buhari to Biafraland will get the ire of IPOB, pointing out that such people will have themselves to blame.

They are dead serious and have threatened to die with Buhari should he set his foot on any Biafraland while the agitators are still in detention.

The statements reads in part: 'The Indigenous People of Biafra ,IPOB, have received information that Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari who committed treason on December 31, 1983, and was rewarded with Nigeria's presidency after 32 years, will be visiting Enugu-Biafraland on the 22nd of December, 2016. We assert that inviting a killer and persecutor of Biafrans to our land is an insult to the memory of those killed by Muhammadu Buhari.