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Enter Diasporas: The New President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo 2017

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Ohanaeze Ndigbo - it is time again to demonstrate leadership by showing leadership. Ohanaeze Ndigbo will be choosing her New President General in a voting exercise that will take place in January 2017.

As Ohanaeze Ndigbo – the Organisation stresses that it is a collective duty of Ndi Igbo to uphold ‘our name & image’ (IGBO) everywhere in the world, it is absolutely right and proper for the Igbos in Diaspora to enter the dialogue this time in a more robust manner by arguing that apart from their historic and strategic participation that are well documented in the affairs of this organisation, that this time, the next Ohanaeze Ndigbo PRESIDENT GENERAL should come from the Diaspora.

The impetus for this shift is urgent and more clearly appreciated when placed against the back drop of the performances, achievements and or lack of them from our recent past leaders. Without going too far, too deep and too analytical on those, it is prudent consensus that new ‘broom’ sweeps cleaner. It is also astute - of keen penetration or discernment; sagacious to accept that the changes that the Igbos deserve could at this pointing time come from the Diaspora. At this pointing time when the Igbo land is experiencing unbelievable crisis of leadership and scarcity of untainted leaders within the Igbo culture and the boundaries of Nigeria to inject the freshness so desperately required in order for the Igbos to meet the current and imminent developmental challenges facing the Igbo civilisation.

To provide an example, for this mission, a person such as Prof. Jo Ukemenam PhD amongst others come to mind as the pedigree that we should aspire to get to lead this dynamic organisation. Prof. Ukemenam has held British Ministerial appointment since 1991 and based on his performance has been re-appointed six times by Her Majesty’s government.

Since 1989, this young man has been a United Nation’s Special Envoy on African Development, working very hard with African community grass roots and governments to achieve unity and stability in most terms in the African continent. He received a chieftaincy title from his native community in 1993.

As a leading political activist in the United Kingdom, he has led the elevation of several UK black politicians to prominence and currently runs a political mentoring programme for the Labour Party in the UK, in order to feed more British Africans into top British Public offices. There are similar people like him that we can select from to lead Ohaneze as the New President General 2017.

The Igbo salvation can and should come from the Diaspora as they represent ‘the untainted, unspoilt and a wealth of Igbo resources that are yet to be utilised in the affray. And why should the Igbos not use what God has given to them to realise what they desperately need which is – Good Leadership for the Igbos.

Part of Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s objectives is ‘to foster unity among its members (inside and outside of Nigeria) in order to better allow them to be more representative within the political scenario of Nigeria’. Any serious thinker with the interest of the Igbos at heart would appreciate and understand that this objective is too important to be left in the hands of a few backward acting and inapt people who are either past their optimum or are untried, untested and too localised in their experience of world affairs and leadership. Most football managers would field their best first eleven players for any important match – Igbos need to do the same this time for this important role of the President General of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo 2017.

We know that the Igbos are one of the most versatile, dynamic and sustained community groups in the world. Igbos can be found in more parts of the world than any other ethnic group in Nigeria. We concede that such spread earns us a wealth of knowledge and experience not equalled anywhere else particularly as knowledge is gained by coping good examples.

The Diasporas proposal is to utilise their unique positions, experience, knowledge and network of world connections to develop mother land in this unique way. This must be applauded, unremitting – not slackening or abating, indeed incessant and assiduously supported by all well-meaning people the world over. It requires members of the Ohanaeze in Nigeria and worldwide to support on mass this innovative approach to our future development if it were to succeed. Change, we know is constant, and change is what the Igbos need at this crucial moment of our evolution and development.

We need the active and massive involvement of the Youths, Women and People with All forms of disabilities in a concerted concert of orchestrated Igbo movement that recognises the strengths of all and the comparative advantages each brings into the advancement of the Igbo people. There should be no more compromise in the involvement of these specified groups since their historic exclusion has made the Igbo concept weaker, unstable and unsustainable.

For this important mission, Diasporas believe that a New President General of the Ohanaeze should move to unite the people on key issues and possess the following key skills and qualities:

  1. Honesty –demonstrate the right ethical values
  2. Deep appreciation and knowledge of the Igbo Culture
  3. Ability to mobilise in large numbers, the Youths, Women and People with disabilities accordingly
  4. Good experience of leadership at a world theatre
  5. Good education, Thoughtful Leader with Excellent analytical skills
  6. Excellent Communication skills – Good communicator with the ability to use both cultural and modern communication tools such as idioms, computers, texts, IMO, Whatsup, Skype, face book, emails, internet, twitters, YouTube, Flickr, Alerts and other communication Apps.
  7. Confidence not Arrogance - Knowing what you and organisation want to accomplished may seem clear in your head but need to be communicated clearly to others.
  8. Commitment to the course not as part time job or for personal gain
  9. Excellent Management, Delegation and Liaison skills
  10. Accountable – to All
  11. Positive Attitude –Clear thinker, objective, goal oriented, motivated towards the continued success of the organisation
  12. Creative and Intuition - Some decisions will not always be so clear-cut. You may be forced at times to deviate from your set course and make an on the fly decision.
  13. Energy and Youthful – Not retired, not tired.
  14. Inspiring – Leading a dynamic organisation often requires and involves a bit of forecasting.
  15. Approachable – Must have positive cultural perspectives, no language barriers or backgrounds, personality traits and varying value systems that would greatly affect how the organisation is run, information is processed and interpreted.

Note: If you support this communiqué, please email back: Your name, organisation, Country of residence and email address.

Megan A. Clement
For Concerned Diasporas particularly Women
[email protected]
Maziobiokoli ChielAaronMuorah
Mazi Obi Okoli Chief Aaron Muorah
Ojeluigbozi [email protected]
Kingsley M A Offor (Esq)
General Publicity Secretary Ohanaeze UK & Ir.
[email protected]