I'd rather be baby mama than unhappy wife – Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye

By The Citizen
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Nollywood actress Amanda Ebeye has slammed people criticising her life, especially those insulting her for being a 'babymama'.

Ebeye who recently welcomed a baby boy in far away Canada, took to her social media page to address some issues that are arising from the public domain towards her person.

'To those who put on spiritual black coats and white wigs a.k.a. Judges. You need to take up a job in the court room.

Channel your talent positively or better still, please be seated with God on the last day so you can decide who goes in to heaven and who doesn't.

All I can say is get a life! You're unhappy in everything; your marriage, your relationship and that's why you're on social media posting pictures and getting five likes and two comments.

It keeps you going right? You're quick to say God for- bid it can't happen to me but the mistakes you've made, what men have done to you, yet you remain a sucker for them.

You give me the name 'babymama' but I'll rather be one than be as unhappy as you. You live for men; you worship them and feel without them you're dead.

I live for my kids, I worship my God and He alone is allowed to judge; none of us. I'll rather be someone's mother and be single than be married and unhappy like you. Or worse, have to treat infections my wayward husband brings home to me or have to deal with the children he brings home for me to take care of.

What a shame! And then I pride myself as happy and I become a judge.

Every time you're crying, asking God why you're still in this marriage but you can't walk out because of what people will say.

The difference between us is that I don't care but you do and that's why you'll never be happy.

Life is not about men my dear, if you're not happy because I know you're not, carry your bag and leave.

We still have cool spots in the singles club. Marriage is not a do or die affair. Don't go and die before your time, foolish woman! Please get a life and stop judging, because you are no role model'.