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Oba Akinruntan Not Authentic King Of Ugbo, Says Oba Odidiomo

By Ayodele Memuletiwon

An aide of the the paramount ruler of Igbokoda, Oba Afolabi Odidiomo has responded in strong criticisms over citations credited to the Olugbo of Ugboland saying that Oba Fredrick Akinruntan does not in any way represent the aspirations of Ugbo people.

In a lengthy statement made available to our Irohinoodua today, Chief Ayesetonokan Temuhi

An aide of Oba Afolabi Odidiomo described the Olugbo as an impostor who is desperate to rewrite the history of the Yoruba nation.

“The current Olugbo is a misnomer. We need to purge opportunism and desperation from the royal history. This man is anxious to smear the image of the Yoruba nation beginning from his attack on the Ooni of Ife. He is against Yoruba unity and it is an irony that someone who is not from the royal dynasty is laying claim to a stool that does not belong to him” Oba Odidiomo told Irohinoodua

His full response made available to Irohinooduais reproduce here

Our attention has been drawn to the statement of one character called Adesoji Aladetan Asemanuwan of Ugbo in which he referred to our King Oba Afolabi Oladimeji Odidiomo, Akokoniko, Olu of Igbokoda a slave. We would have ignored all the reckless statements made therein but it is obvious that the writer of the piece does not know the man he is trying to protect or defend. We are therefore forced not to reply but to let the whole world know him.

The so called Oba OSANGANGAN F.E.O AKINRUNTAN is a man who sleepwalks into royalty. In his own history Frederick Enitiolorunba Obaterun AKINRUNTAN is a child of Theo and Mary Tutuma. Agbodun gave birth to Moluteyin, Ohun and Okoro Ajiga. Ohun gave birth to Jiringho who gave birth to Juwari. Juwari in turn gave birth to Mary Tutuma the mother of Obat.

Okoro Amiga was said to give birth to Koko a female. Obat in hiding his own history claimed that apart from Koko, Okoro Ajiga gave birth to another male Maderu who he claimed gave birth AKINRUNTAN who begat Theo who begat Obat. Nice history as it were but full of lies and inconsistencies.

If Maderu is the son of Okoro Ajiga it means Obat's parents are first cousins, children of incense. In those in Ilaje such children are not allowed to live. There are many children like that whose paternities are shrouded in secrecy and controversies. There are three categories of such children. If a woman is too promiscuous not to know who is responsible for her pregnancy. Or where a king or a rich man will see an abandoned child and adopt the child or where the father of the child is a slave. In all of these the child will bear the surname of his mother or that if his grand mother.

If Akinruntan was a product of incest he and his siblings would have been killed or his parents would have escaped from Ilaje. AKINRUNTAN lived and died in Ilaje. Theo the father of Obat also lived and died a pauper in Ilaje. It is a common knowledge of all Ilajes how terribly poor Obat's father was that he could not afford proper care or school fees of his children.

When he eventually died Obat, a small boy then, another lumping only watched his father being buried without a proper casket. It was the remains of wrecked canoes that were abandoned that were put together to look like a casket.

With such a poor background, Obat out if frustration felt that his only option was to join the military. He left for Ibadan without a single certificate. He tried twice to join but he was dropped because he has no basic certificate. At that time Lt. Col Bajowa was in Ibadan. With a letter from His Royal Majesty Napoleon Mafimisebi, unknown to Mafimisebi and Lt. Col Bajowa, Obat got enlisted in the Army with the certificate of his elder brother Enitiolorunda AKINRUNTAN who died in a motor accident the day the then Fish terminal was opened.

Eniti a gentleman, a teacher, was conscious of his humble beginning. Obat on the other hand got carried away with a seeming success and fame that he acquired through fraud. After enlisting in the army, he could not get promotion with a stolen certificate. He employed some Ilajes some of whom are now professors to write GCE for him. With that GCE he rose to the rank of a sergeant where as a driver he had learnt the skill of pipeline bursting and bunkering.

After many years of redundancy in Ibadan without a job, St. Lene Atarioye Ogunfeyimi brought Obat back to Ilaje to worship at Ugbonla. That was the beginning of Obat back to Ilaje. Obat was not a party to the case that went to court on the stool of Olugbo. He was not even one of those that contested for the stool. Obat as a former military driver appeared on the scene three days to the Supreme court judgment.

Obat came to Ilaje and informed the parties that they should mobilise to the Supreme court en masse because the case has been won. On the judgment day, hundreds of people were in court to hear the victory. It was after the judgment that he began to brag around that he spent N500 million to get the judgment.‎

Obat's emergence is not because of his popularity. He actually became a king because the Yoruba would say a when a house is unsettled the slave can be head of the family. He actually did not even contest to be a king.

He merely asked whoever wants to be the king to refund his N500m or face death. His usual threat. All contenders had to withdraw for their lives. The only person he thought could dare face blood bath in Ugbo and in Akure. Who then is a murderer? How many lives are lost in the hands of the self acclaimed richest King in Africa from bunkering, pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft and sea piracy?

Obat, like Dr. Faustus has entered into agreement with the devil to attain the unattainable and so you will see him doing the unimaginable. What could be more insane than some of his vituperations?

One would have thought that a man who claims to have Masters Degree from Lead University in Ibadan should know the meaning of OSANGANGAN. OSANGANGAN is something that emerges suddenly. Something that has no link with the original, the beginning. An opposite of Kutukutu, Orunmaken, meaning heaven knows the brave is known. He is celestial. It is the beginning of the beginnings. OSANGANGAN Obamaken which means the King knows the brave, the brave is not the king.

So the brave could seize the thrown using money, political influence, thuggery and what have you. I respect Obat for such a bravery.In an attempt to look real an Oba Osangangan would attract attention even if it is a negative one. No wonder he will be dreaming like Napoleon to be the ruler of the universe.

But, we are to be Asemanuwan like your so called title, we would have advised Obat to thread with caution and concentrate on how to pay his N12 billion debt. Another arrest by AMCON might be tragic as all notable properties and factories are already seized by banks.

A man who says he is the chairman of Yoruba Obas conflict and resolution committee cannot even settle his own home rather he fuels the embers of crisis everywhere. Sir, you know your backbone is broken, thread softly please.