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Affordable, Artistic and Classical---Meet Nigerian Lady Who Is Turning Trash to Amazing Furniture Pieces!

By Cynthia Asoegwu

The slogan “Trash to Treasure” seems to be a common phrase related largely to waste and environmental management, but this creatively amazing Nigerian lady has taken it literally to another level with proof that indeed there is wealth littering our Nigerian streets and clogging our drainages.

Life is all about perspective and for Nigerian Interior Designer and Furniture maker - Marvis Marshal-Idio, what people abandon as trash for her is viewed as materials for her indigenous artistic furniture pieces.

Nigeria especially its major cities such as Lagos is plagued with the issue of heavy flooding

and other environmental issues largely influenced by poor waste management as even our landfill sites are largely overwhelmed with huge amount of trash that even the government and its private partners are finding it a huge challenge to tackle.

Marvis’ passion for creativity and design of living spaces influenced her bagging a masters in Interior Design from the Florence Design Academy in Italy, where she emerged as one of the top students in her class, and upon her return to Nigeria, she started experimenting with locally sourced materials including trash such as metal and plastic scraps, used tires etc, which have a longer lasting capacity when used as re-enforcement for some of her works.

Her career objective is to create affordable, classy and artistic furniture that caters to all classes of Nigerians irrespective of their income status. Her brand appeal is built on three major approach which includes the environmental value of helping to manage waste, the economic value of creating jobs through the collection and construction value chain, as well as enable low income earners and the growing middle class have access to unique furniture pieces without breaking the bank, and lastly the artistic value – every JacMarvis furniture piece is an art form of its own with an indigenous feel that ranges from contemporary to baroque to classical design styles amongst others.

A multi-talented individual, Marvis is proof that one can be beautiful and skillful, as she is completely involved in the production of every furniture piece. Her growing business brand – JACMARVIS Nigeria Ltd, offers a range of services from interior design to custom-furniture construction, space management, procurement and design consultancy.

She is one talented lady to look-out for as she is set to launch her showrooms across strategic locations in Nigeria, as well as employ technology to give customers the opportunity to be a part of the design process as well as conveniently place their order.

Connect with her online @missmarshal For more information and inquiries visit