New film reveals how Pastor Adeboye once patronised herbalist

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Are you a Christian or non-believer dying to know the rise to pastoral fame story of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye? Now, you need not wait longer as a new biographical film, “The Covenant Church” has chronicled the pastor's humble beginnings, his struggles through school and divine rise to the pinnacle of Christian ministry.

Premiered with fanfare Sunday March 26 at the Muson Centre, Lagos, “The Covenant Church” opens with the story of Pa Josiah Akindayomi, founder of Redeemed Christian Church of God who initially shuns the call of God and pays dearly for it.

With a sore leg, God asks the illiterate farmer to abandon everything in his native Ondo and head for Ile Ife in Osun State, a journey of about 150 kilometres but which must be made by leg. In Ife, Pa Akindayomi performs his first miracle as he wakes up the dead. And from that singular act, there is no stopping him as he performs one miracle of the other, leading to the founding of one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

Shot on locations in Ondo, Ifewara - Adeboye's home town, Ilesha and Lagos, “The Covenant Church” displays spectacular efforts in all areas of movie-making including casting, costuming, makeup, lighting, cinematography, production and directing. Excellently researched and superbly acted, the movie reveals everything including what most people may not know about Pastor Adeboye, the fact that the man of God once patronised herbalists and that Redeemed took its root from Cherubim and Seraphim church.
Produced by Charles Novia and Marketed by Dove Media, “The Covenant Church” has discovered new talents like Kunle Abogunloko and Moses Balogun, who acts respectively as Pa Akindayomi and Pastor Adeboye. It also parades top Nollywood stars like Richard Mofe-Damijo, Segun Arinze. Norbert Young, Saidi Balogun and Remi Abiola.

Says Pastor Ope Banwo, CEO, Dove Media, “The Covenant Church” is about the origin of Redeemed Christian Church of God, the early life and walk with God of Pa Akindayomi and the birth, growth and call to ministry of the General Overseer. “This is a movie I believe will cause a radical change in the lives of millions of people, especially when realistically dramatised as we have done in The Covenant Church. The story is gripping, captivating and compelling. The setting is superb, first rate and spellbinding. The make up is second to none, professional and real life. You almost get the feeling that you are watching the actual characters in the real setting and at the time the events occurred.

We have taken great care to produce this movie in a most professional way and I believe that it will be a great tool in God's hands.
Speaking on why he refused to cast great names as lead characters, Novia said that a great story like “The Covenant Church” does not necessarily need great stars. “The story of The Covenant Church is compelling and as such I had to settle for people who can interpret it well and still keep the emphasis on the story and not on themselves. I believe this has worked well.”

But it was not that easy for Moses to interpret Pastor Adeboye's character. According to the graduate of Mathematics and Statistics, he had to lock himself up in a room for days watching the pastor's videotapes and listening to his messages. “I had to lock myself and spent days watching his tapes. I was bent on getting things done properly. I needed to study this man, whose role I was to interpret. And the truth is that this is a man well known by people and viewers will immediately detect any slight mistake in the interpretation of his person. The task of acting Pastor Adeboye in The Covenant Church was so huge that I consistently prayed for God's help. And I really thank God for the way it turned out.”

On the challenges faced in playing Pa Akindayomi, Kunle stated that the role has stretched him to the limit. “I had to interpret the character of Pa Akindayomi, an illiterate but truly man of God throughout his ministry spoke largely his native Ondo dialect I had to learn to speak the dialect with the help of Remi Abiola, who is also an Ondo indigene. It was really a tasking exercise. But I must add that taking that role has really changed my life. At a point, I was not just acting. I saw myself in the man's shoes and it was like God was taking me through a journey in life. A journey of self-discovery, of obedience and total commitment and dedication to Him and His will. I know I will never remain the same.”

Meanwhile, arrangements have been concluded with Private Networks Ltd to deploy their 850 NIPOST outlets scattered all over the country for the marketing of “The Covenant Church”. Also, all Sweet Sensation outlets, RCCG parishes and major movie distributors have been enlisted to push the movie.