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Actress causes fatal crash in Lagos that kills a medical director and reportedly flees the scene.

On Sunday 26th of February 2006 around 11 pm, the ex beauty queen, actress and singer caused a fatal car accident in which Alhaji Suraj Giwa, a medical director with the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, was killed on the spot.

It appeared at first that the actress and the persons aboard a borrowed Lexus Jeep had fled the scene before the arrival of the Police. The car was found empty of its passengers.
Having sustained severe injuries, Fiberesima had to check in a hospital for medical attention and was subsequently put under arrest by the Police.
The borrowed car belonged to Daniel Wilson, owner of Wilson Confectionaries who was traced thanks to the license plate of the Lexus Jeep and brought in for interrogation the next day.

Onlookers and witnesses to the tragedy testified that the impact of Fiberesima's car into the victim's was so violent that it took rescue teams over half an hour to rescue the persons who had survived the crash but who had also sustained injuries.
The Jeep was speeding away and the actress lost control of the vehicle trying to brake too late.
On Friday 3rd of March 2006, Fiberesima was arraigned at Igbosere Magistrate Court on two counts of manslaughter and dangerous driving charges. Later on, the Police confirmed that she would stay under surveillance the time to recuperate from her injuries before she can face the criminal charges against her.

The deceased was buried on Tuesday 28th of February 2006 with Police officials in the attendance as well as other dignitaries.
Rumour has it, Daniel Wilson has attempted to settle amicably with the family of the deceased to no avail. A brother of the victim who was aboard the car at the time of the accident has released a statement to the media emphasizing the family's determination to pursue criminal charges against the actress in a Court of Law.

Ibinabo Fiberesima is still unavailable for any comments.