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Tony Umez and wife Patsy Ogochukwu have been married 12 years and counting!

“Artists are unpredictable and unreliable!” Robert Peters was hammering to Stella Damasus-Aboderin in “The Intruder”.
Well, sorry Bobby, not this one! Tony Umez has been married 12 years and revels in a rock solid relationship with wife Patsy Ogochukwu. The couple is blessed with 3 young children.

The actor who usually plays playboys, money ritual cultists and distraught husbands couldn't be any further away from reality. The husband of 12 years and father of 3 beautiful young daughters is a family man entirely devoted to the well-being of his family and the rock solid relationship he nurtures with his wife.

The couple met in 1994 on the movie set of a minor production set by a member of their church. And since good things never come at random or unannounced, they were playing a married couple.
The Anambra State native didn't have any premonitions or feelings for his wife-to-be back then, they were working together and developed a friendly relationship. That was until a mutual friend also working in the production revealed to Tony that Patsy had been continuously asking for him on a day he was absent from the set. That gave him the green light to declare his feelings to her.

A Masters Degree holder in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos in 1992, Umez had to do some private tutoring to make a living since he couldn't find a job in his line of business due to an embargo on jobs by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
After a 5-year courtship, the couple married traditionally in 1999 and in church in 2002.
Steve Agienoji gave him the chance in 1995 to play in the movie “Pains” and the rest is history.

Ogochukwu, an Okija native and a business woman in her own right, keeps a very watchful eye on her husband's business and financial affairs. She's his closest collaborator and knows about every cent he has to his name, even though that may appear unusual and go against the culture.
The mother of 3 beautiful young daughters is sometimes concerned about the boldness of the romantic assaults on her husband from his female fans. Some women would openly and bluntly offer the handsome actor sexual favours. Even though the couple has a relationship built on mutual trust and an unwavering faith in one another, Ogechukwu is often uncomfortable when the situation occurs.
The unforgettable Seth in “The Billionaires' Club” is a happily married man with a woman he confesses he will marry all over again should he reincarnates and come back to Earth.
Try to beat that!