By NBF News

It has happened several times to some unfortunate families.

A gang of armed robbers force their way into the house or the apartment and after helping themselves to whatever they can steal, they eat the soup and then turn to the most precious thing in the family. The wife. They callously rape the woman and other females in the household and leave the home broken and confused. What would you do if your wife is raped in your presence? Here are some responses from our readers. Excerpts

If my wife is raped right in my presence, and the assailant has a gun on him, or they out number me and carry out their act, then I know it is not her fault though the memory will linger for a long time.

I will pray that God helps us overcome the ugly incident and try to put it behind me.It would not lead to a divorce or any funny behaviour.

In life, there is always one challenge or the other. Some of these challenges are natural while some are incidental, all the same, such an incident is gory.

If something like this happens and it was done at gun point, there is nothing that could be done immediately. But if the rapist has no weapon on him, there is so much that could be done to set the innocent wife free.

But the immediate solution to the rape is to seek medical attention to prevent any pregnancy from the act. She would also be treated against any sexually transmitted disease. It would not be an easy thing to forget, but with the help of God it would be overcome.

Well in life we face the good and the not-so-good. I am the type that worries so much about little things. Though, it won't be the woman's fault that she was raped in my presence, as a human being, I would wish we never got married. I will not try anything funny like defending her in that situation. Afterwards, I might file for divorce. Otherwise it would continue to worry me and the marriage would no longer be interesting. But naturally I do not pray for such to happen.

I will fight it with my last breath,…. my wife…except the rapists are armed to the teeth.

But if it were just one man, and he has no gun or any dangerous weapon on him, I will let him know that to be a man goes beyond putting food on the table. You should also protect your home and property. My wife is the most precious thing I have.]

God forbid, but should it happen, I'll rush her to a hospital to flush out some likely sexually transmitted diseases or HIV infection. I will fly her out of the country for compulsory tour and relaxation to prevent the incident from haunting her. Then it would be a guarded secret between us.

It depends on how it happened and what led to it. Some bad and dangerous friends do it, and if that is the case, I will not allow the culprit to go scot-free . He will pay for it. Though the deed has been done, he will regret doing it. I will give him severe beatings and cut him with a razor blade and apply pepper on his wounds. I will embarrass him in the entire neighborhood.

After I am satisfied with my judgment, then I can now remember to invite the police to take care of him.

But if it was a gang of armed-robbers, there is nothing I would have done rather than endure.

After their departure I will console my wife, but I know my God does not ignore my prayers. I will talk to God to judge them before the week runs over, that they may know that there is a powerful God somewhere.

I may not need to report it to anyone. I would try to minimize the psychological trauma.

One can only pray such does not happen, but should I find myself in such a dilemma, I will stand by my wife and do everything possible that would make her forget the psychological trauma and make sure I keep it secret.

It will not be shared or revealed, not even to my parents.

We are helpless in some situations. We cannot do anything.

So many people have tried fighting rapists and have lost their lives in the process. Still the rapists had their way.

I think this is where a woman would know the type of husband she got married to; whether he is a father, a friend, a boyfriend or just any-how husband.

A good husband would not take advantage of this situation against his wife. A good husband should be a father to his wife. In other words, he should always be there for his wife, console her, make her happy and respect her person.

Putting myself in this situation, though it's not easy, we just have to get over it and continue our life together. The joy of the Lord is our strength. After the rape, we need to go for medical treatment and put things right, so that the incident does not lead to pregnancy, which might occur.

If pregnancy does not occur and the woman is fine, then what else? Just keep it within yourselves. The Holy Spirit, which is the comforter, will give the grace to endure and get over it. But no sinner shall go unpunished.