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One Ghana, One Nation; Jumia Travel Ghana's Peace appeal

By Jumia Travel
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By this weekend, when things begin to clear up and the electoral commission declares results, there will be joy for some, disappointment for others. There will however be only one winner! GHANA ! This win can only be achieved when the elections are peaceful.

Peace they say, is not the absence of war. It is tranquility and freedom from disturbance . As a developing nation with so much potential for economic growth, it is imperative that all stakeholders and players in the nation’s economy come together and advocate for peace and stability before and after this years Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Jumia Travel , Africa’s leading online hotel booking website and travel advisors share their views on the upcoming elections and send messages to the country, political parties and businesses.

Claire Staal (MD - Jumia Travel,Ghana) - ‘’ Peace under an illusion is not true peace. It is only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish it. I hear a lot of people preaching peace and sharing peaceful messages. I also hear a lot in the news that contradicts the very messages we all preach. Peace shouldn’t be in our heads. It shouldn’t be a dream or something we hope for. It should be something we live for. A way of life that we never let go.”

As Ghanaians enter into this period, it is quite understandable that there will be tension and anxiety as is with almost every election around the world. The important thing, as Claire continues to say, is to accept each others views, opinions and political orientations. “Let’s follow the rules and live by the law. I urge all Ghanaians to go out in their numbers and exercise their civic responsibility. In the end, the country benefits. It’s a win-win situation for Ghana if we maintain the peace and stability that exists. Remember, It’s not about candidate A or B. Neither is it about Party X or Y. It’s about the people, it’s about love and peace. It’s all about Ghana . Wish everyone the best. Long live Ghana,’’ Claire Staal.

The Marketing/Public Relations Manager of Jumia Travel Ghana, Mr. Bennet Otoo also had this to say - ‘’We understand the dynamics of elections and what we stand to gain as a nation from a peaceful process. I personally believe every candidate is equally competent to steer the affairs of this nation. The differences are subjective and every individual has his/her own exclusive right to choose and vote for whoever he/she wants.” Bennet further encourages Ghanaians especially the youth to desist from any acts of violence or any statements or actions that may cause violence or mayhem. “We owe Ghana an obligation to keep it safe and attractive for foreign investors and businesses. When we have peace, the opportunities and benefits are endless. Lets come together as one people, one nation and do this beautifully. I love Ghana’’.

Ghanaians are showing optimism for a peaceful electoral process. “WE ARE ONE PEOPLE! We care about each other and love ourselves too much to hurt one another. Elections are big and naturally, people are sceptical about their future. I urge all our leaders to continue promoting peace and practice it to the latter. In the end, Ghana must win! Peace must win!” Said Isaac Baah Awuah, Revenue Manager - Jumia Travel Ghana.

When all's said and done, let it be said that it was in our time that Ghana experienced the most peaceful elections ever. It was in our time that Ghana was united the most.

It was in our time that people voted and still went about their activities free of fear and panic not because we do not have divergent political views, but because we believe Ghana is bigger than any one individual or party. One Nation, One Ghana ! Ghana must and will win!