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20,000 Beneficiaries Enjoy Hon. Kurfi's Free Sickle Cell Treatments

By Paul Peters
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Worried by the prevalence of sickle cell anemia among the people of Dutsin-ma/Kurfi Federal Constituency of Katsina State, Hon. Danlami Mohammed Kurfi has stepped up his empowerment initiatives by offering his personal resources for the treatment of victims of the life threatening ailment.

So far, more than two thousand patients of sickle cell disease are now on the list of Hon Kurfi's free medical treatment. The monthly healthcare socio intervention programme specifically covers cost of medications, appointment with doctors and surgeries in some instances.

Apart from the two Local Governments which Hon Kurfi represents at the National Assembly (Dutsin-ma/Kurfi), residents from three additional Local Governments equally benefit from this free healthcare timely intervention. The Local Governments are: Dan Musa, Safana and Batsara.

When accosted by journalists at the National Assembly complex Abuja over what informed this empowerment initiative, Hon. Danlami Mohammed Kurfi said the gesture is part of the fulfillment of the social contract he has with his people, particularly the downtrodden, he reiterated that he will do everything possible to ensure that the people are not neglected.

In his words, “This is part of my sincere fulfillment to the promise I made with my constituents and the society at large especially the needy. My genuine hope and expectation is that for years to come, the sick will find this medical intervention useful, and by God’s grace we shall continue to heal their wounds and cater for their health challenges, and I have no doubt that they will still be useful and productive to the society insha Allah’’ he said.

Commending the multi-million naira Medicare intervention sponsored by Hon. Danlami Mohammed Kurfi, Hajia Abubakar Lami a petty trader in whose female cousin is a beneficiary has this to say, “Hon. Kurfi has demonstrated a sense of social contract as a novel home grown socio-political practice which will enable the people to monitor the performance of their elected representatives. May Almighty Allah continue to bless and keep him for us. This is a moral concrete help to the poor people. It is a delight. It is also a notable promise fulfilled, let other politicians emulate him,” she advised.

Research shows that Sickle cell disease is caused by a genetic abnormality in the gene for hemoglobin, which results in the production of sickle hemoglobin. When oxygen is released from sickle hemoglobin, it sticks together and forms long rods, which damage and change the shape of the red blood cell.

The risk of inheriting sickle cell anemia comes down to genetics. For a baby to be born with sickle cell anemia, both parents must carry a sickle cell gene.

Medical experts say bone marrow transplant offers the only potential cure for sickle cell anemia. They also say treatment is usually aimed at avoiding crises, relieving symptoms and preventing complications. Victims of sickle cell anemia are expected to make regular visits to their doctors to check their red blood cell count and monitor it. Treatments may include medications to reduce pain and prevent complications, blood transfusions and supplemental oxygen, as well as a bone marrow transplant.