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My Marital Life...Part 5

Wife stumbles out of matrimonial home one certain day to go rent a flat for herself.

Wife kidnaps kids on a bright Sunday afternoon enroute church to go dwell with her.

"Son" had best results in high school, was the Senior Prefect ....and read the Valedictory Speech for his graduating class.

Mother and "Son" not on good terms consequent upon relentless nagging by mother who says he as the "man of the house", is wanting in manual skills to fix household his father used to!

"Son" harried to go serve as a glorified houseboy and live with mum's cousin...

Son jets off to Canada either surreptitiously... or with full knowledge and collaboration of mother without father's knowledge.

Father left to piece strands of info together as he deems wife yet again, drops scandalous hints for hubby to take cues and draw conclusions. Again... As he deems fit!

Thus, in hubby's mind's eye, he sees a perpetuation of over-assertiveness in a wife who lacks self-esteem.

Who scrounges for strange opportunities to seek attention.

Who is so lacking in basic etiquette and common sense as to take actions so singularly as not even any sane man would...without seeking first the consent of his masculine as African culture might be!

For with adequate deployment of his gumption, he realises that he did not bring forth a bag full of female eggs into the marriage.

So, due regard and recognition must be accorded the woman who supplied eggs to form his kids and incubated them in her womb...before taking any action on such kids!

What to do? Nothing! Yeah. Nothing. In the sense that since the boy would be coached to say he travelled out of his own free will...whatever the real motive. He is 21!

Two: Pitching my the tent with Nigeria through thick and thin was one of the major blunders of my life. So, why should I stand in the way of a young man who has wisely chosen to go and well in a saner clime?

Now this point: Nagging wives leave their husbands' minds so clogged with such mundanes and such irrelevances that such men achieve near zero material possessions in their lifetime.

So, such wives have nothing to inherit when their men die. They have some levelheaded friends with whom they can compare notes. Properties that such friends stand to inherit are visible enough...

And another point. Bad manners are like smoke. Their manifestations cannot be covered up or disguised.

Wives who nag husbands invariably also nag their sons.

It's all about manners. Etiquette. And sanity.
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Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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