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S3x Before Marriage is Selling your Soul to Demon…Actor, Williams Uche Mbah

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

For a long time now, fans of popular Nollywood kid actor, Williams Uche Mbah, have not heard much about the actor who has been busy with his own productions and ready to give the motion picture industry a new face.

Uche, who aside movie production creates time to motivate others, recently shred his idea about premarital sex and the responses that followed were not funny at all.

In his opinion, he pointed out that having s3x before marriage was something that is very wrong and the Bible itself frowns at it with further point that doing such act is selling one’s soul to the demon.

In his words, “For every single time you have Sex with someone that you’re not married to you give demons access into your soul and Destiny Whig eventually allows them control the affairs of your life …this video is not meant to scare you but to open your eyes to the truth and what you’ve been ignorant about…”