Lords Of The Screen: The Return Of The Kings

Source: nigeriafilms.com
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When Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme stepped into the scene a couple of years ago, they gained instant stardom for their ability to deliver comedy so genuinely regardless of their disability (the duo popularly known as Aki and Pawpaw are barely four feet tall). The duo went on to make countless flicks together, most of these flicks, Nollywood hits. Many thought that they could not do very much but this duo continued to surprise the movie world with hit after hit. Last year however, the duo pretty much disappeared from limelight; they made a couple of slipshod appearances in films such as I Think Twice and Colors Of Emotions. It looked like they had lust their flair for comedy and were trying their hands on serious work but this didn't seem to work too well. Aki N Ukwa then decided to return to their roots,obnoxious comedy. First was Reggae Boys, a comedy that is tagged by many their best effort in their entire careers, then came the mirthful 'Baby Guards', a movie that introduced a new genre for this duo kungfu. The success of Baby Guards has introduced a spin off - Black Diamond a movie that has the duo fighting kungfu in ancient or is it traditional Nigeria. Also to be released next week is another comedy.Final World Cup. Currently, the duo is working harder than ever, moving from location to location. Work has become so tedious that Chinedu was mostly absent during his last birthday party.