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$30b loan: Don't allow Buhari to mortgage the future of Nigeria, Fayose urges Saraki

By The Rainbow
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Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has urged the Senate

President, Senator Bukola Saraki not to join the federal government in

ruining Nigeria by supporting President Muhammadu Buhari's request for

external loan of $29.96 billion.
The governor called on the Senate President to pitch his tent with

Nigerians and not because of his own personal interests join Buhari to

destroy Nigeria, saying; “Senator Saraki must know that no matter how

much he tries to warm himself into the hearts of the Aso Villa Cabal,

they can never love him and accept him into their fold.”

In a release issued by his Special Assistant on Public Communications

and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose asked; “what is the

economic sense in taking over N12 trillion loan so as to be able to

spend more money during economic recession? How can a nation be

proposing to spend more money when its income has reduced

“Yes, it is being argued that nations in recession must spend to get

out of recession, but in the case of Nigeria, how do we pay back when

as at today, 30 percent of our income is being used to service debt?

What will happen to our economy when over 60 percent of our income is

being used to service debt?”
He said the Senate must be mindful of the reality that “many States in

Nigeria are unable to pay workers salary now because of the huge debt

left behind by past governments.”
The statement read; “When the Senate unanimously threw out President

Muhammadu Buhari's request for external loan of $29.96 billion, many

Nigerian heaved a sigh of relief and hailed the Senate.

“However, unfolding events in the last few days suggest a dangerous

alliance between the presidency and the Senate President, Bukola

Saraki to ensure the approval of the $29.96 billion loan at all cost.

Feelers getting to the public suggest that the ongoing Code of Conduct

Tribunal (CCT) trial of Senator Bukola Saraki is being used as

blackmail to get him to back the $29.96 billion loan.

“Senator Saraki should be mindful that the $29.9 billion loan will do

incalculable damage to the country's ailing economy because of the

amount presently being used by the federal government to service loan

“Therefore, Senate Saraki must not allow himself to be seen as using

the future of Nigeria as negotiation for his own interests.

“He must know that no matter what he does to the Aso Villa Cabal to

achieve their aims, it won't change their minds concerning his

“He should be reminded that despite that he assisted the Aso Villa

Cabal to pass the controversial 2016 budget and cleared all the

ministerial nominees, they never stopped plotting to bring him down.

“This time around therefore,  the Senate President should be mindful

of riding on the back of this political tiger that is roaring to

consume everyone as he can only get momentary reprieve. He will

eventually end in the stomach of the tiger!
“Senator Saraki should remember that only the cowards die many times

before their death. Even if he gives his life as ransom for President

Buhari, that won't stop his persecution.
“Instead of collaborating with the Aso Villa Cabal to plunge the

present and future generations of Nigerians into the bondage of debt,

Senator Saraki should pitch his tent with Nigerians, who are against

the $29.96 billion loan and write his name in gold, like Senator Ken

Nnamani did when he rejected Obasanjo's third term agenda.”