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Man Is A Wicked Being

By Usman Mohammed
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The troubles in this world is too much. It is somebody's own person that betrays him. The world is deep, therefore be careful in all your associations with people. They are cunning, jealous, poisonous, harmful and dangerous. They are good to be feared. Beware of them. You should study and master them very well. They are difficult, they are wizards and tigers.

During the time I was making travels to many cities, towns and villages, simply to see things and to know what is happening in the world. I took into notice and observation that MAN IS A WICKED BEING. There were some villages where I reached and I asked for common water to drink, they not only refused to give me but also planned to beat me for nothing sake. I don't and I will never believed that we are one Nigeria. There are many Nigeria.

One thing is certain which we should bear in mind. We are holiday makers in this world. It is never our permanent home. It is clearly a temporary place to be. Therefore, the wicked men, self-seeking men and those who want to make all the things in this world theirs, should be careful, I seriously warn and remind them that one day shall be one day when they must all die, leaving all their monies, properties and other materialistic things for those who are still alive and go where the wicked soul goes to when they leave this world.

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