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Strategies To A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

By Josephine Wawira, Jumia Travel
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Capitalizing on online channels as elements of new media to promote brands, and sell products/services is perhaps the best approach to reach out to potential and existing online customers in this digital era. The Main aim is to make it possible for consumers to interact and engage with the brand in a bid to create and increase its awareness and eventually convert to sales. Here are some of the most essential strategies to a successful online marketing campaign.

· Research - Once you have identified your objective, embark on a detailed research to analyze the market, know your competitors, identify your niche market, and determine your target audience. This way, it is easy to know where best to put your investment and project a positive outcome.

· Social Media - More than just having a social media appearance on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+, creating a trusted and credible relationship between your brand and the followers is just as important.

Create a community and a platform for interaction with your company/brand through viral networks such as the use #hashtags . Also, respond to customers’ inquiries and concerns; makes them know that you care.

· Blogging - Does your website have a blog segment? If not, you are missing out on more potential visitors to your website than you already have. Integrating a blog to your website where you provide customers with essential information not only of your company and products/services, but also of the entire industry goes a long way in creating more confidence in what you do. Ensure you have an interactive section where you can receive feedback as well as sharable options through social media sites.

· Search Engine Optimization - SEO is simply getting more traffic towards your website. This is done through making your site more visible in all search engines, especially through the creation of Great Content. Understand the kind of content you need for your online presence, use keywords that match your product/service and are commonly searched for to attract quality traffic.

· Mobile marketing - Mobile phones especially smartphones penetration has become highly part of digital marketing. Design your website in a way that it synchronizes with mobile devices. This could be through mobile applications such as the extranet, that enable your customers to seamlessly interact with your brand at their own comfort and at their fingertips.

· Email marketing - The email is a tried and tested strategy that if well utilized can drive any marketing campaign to success. It is important to create an excellent template design that bonds with your website. Moreover, remember that most of the email users are mobile therefore prefer to access most of their emails via their smartphones and/or tablets. This calls for the need to optimize your marketing emails for mobile devices and regularly sending relevant emails about your services/products towards converting potentials into customers.