Lassoing the Stars

By Melanie Miller
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I seen an old man the other day, and he was lassoing a star.

He seemed to be smiling at it, and took it into the palm of his hand,

and made a wish then tossed the star into his pocket.

It was as if he was saving it for a rainy day to make another wish.

I wanted to lasso the stars myself but did not have any rope, to do so...

but I can always make a wish when there is a falling star, and then I will be so happy,

that I did.

The stars, are all beautiful and the old man that stood there, looked into the nights' sky,

as if he was pondering on something...perhaps, he was thinking how he would like to be,

a star.

The stars, are far far away, but one day..I would like to become a star and sit still, and look down...

at all the people staring at me and wishing upon those stars in the night as well.

I can tell the old man was gray haired with a gray beard and maybe he was wishing to be young again.

I do not know what the man wished for, perhaps he wanted gold, or silver...or money.

Don't think it's funny, as maybe one day, you shall wish for money, gold or silver too!

This old man was bold and strong willed..and he wanted everything perhaps, he could dream of.

He could of been wanting something I did not know even exsisted, or for a different life, or some lady to call his wife.

Anyways, he just stood there silently, making his secret wish and he smiled at me, for a second or two, and waved at me.

I was happy inside seeing him just standing there without a care in the world.

He was wishing for something to come true, I am sure of this much.

Perhaps...he wanted a pony or horse, or a bird to call his own.

Whatever he was wanting and wishing for, I just left him there, out of respect, and he was all alone, by himself, without a friend near to him.

I did not walk over to him and even whisper, ''hello.''

I walked away, and did not return to the spot the old man was at, but I picture him just standing there, lassoing the stars, like he did on that starry night.

the end...