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5 Reasons Lagos Girls Have Embraced The Yoni Massage

By Cynthia Meduoye

It however Yoni Massage, simply a massage of the vagina, may seem new in the Nigerian landscape but it is not a new concept. Usually recommended for 3 major benefits: emotional healing, deep stress relief and sexual awakening; the Yoni Massage certainly ends with a very deep sensual satisfaction for the recipient.

In recent times, And , Nigeria's Number 1 Premium Home/Hotel Massage Service Company, have noticed that a number of Nigerian women –especially those in Lagos- have been opting for this massage which focuses on all the areas around plus all the various parts of the vagina. And having done some research research to justify the increased interest, we have compiled a list with 5 reasons. Read on to discover:

To relieve stress
The rate at which one gets stressed has increased in Lagos. With the recent traffic hike situation, massive layoffs and scramble for job security, stress levels keep soaring. Career women are therefore advised to get regular massages and take stress management serious. So, why go for a massage and not have a yoni massage alongside for a deeper stress relief?

To finally get that Orgasm
About 40% of women do not achieve an orgasm during normal sexual intercourse. Sexologists and psychologists have emphasised the importance of having a good orgasm every now and then. Women who order for yoni massage have reported that they get orgasms from it. As a matter of fact, many of them report multiple orgasms per session.

A form of Sex therapy
As a result of lifestyle and other factors, many women are also now having various sexual dysfunctions. Some of them are painful sex, low libido and inability to get aroused. Yoni massage is a natural way of dealing with these conditions. Recipients have reported a very significant improvement in their sexual lives after 2 or 3 sessions. And while that has saved the marriages of those who are married, it has helped those who are in long-term romantic relationships.

An alternative for a romantic relationship
Many single women are now too busy to build a romantic relationship with a man of their dreams because of the demands of their jobs and day to day endeavours. Some have therefore resorted to yoni massages as gynaecologists now refer to it as "safe sex" for women. They therefore get a stress relieving full body massage and a sensual experience without fear of STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

To get more information
There is so much information about this sacred massage technique available on the internet now than before. Recently, popular magazines like Cosmopolitan have showered praises on the therapy and urged their readers to try it. No wonder the number of Google searches for the massage on a weekly basis has drastically increased over the last few months.

So, those are the 5 reasons Lagos women now demand for yoni massage. Would you order for one? Leave a comment below.