Tekno advises women to cheat on their boyfriends

Source: vanguardngr.com

By Rotimi Agbana
Triple MG artiste, Tekno, has advised women to occasionally cheat on their spouses because he strongly believes no man on earth can stay faithful to one woman, stressing that every man has a side chick.

While disclosing this dark truth about the male folks, Tekno maintained that there is no way a man can have only one girlfriend. In his words, “I'm being very inspirational this morning, I feel like  speaking to you guys this morning, I feel like I've a calling to talk.

Put the music aside for one moment and let me talk to you guys. Guys, if you have a girlfriend, sometimes you should allow your girlfriend cheat on you, just a little, because we all cheat as guys. See, be honest, there is no way you can be with one girl, it's not possible, it's not possible for a man to tell me he is dating one woman, it is a lie. So, sometimes give the girls the privilege to cheat, at least, just for one day. Girls, take out one Thursday to cheat, just Thursdays”, Tekno stated.